Sally Evans

Sally Evans is an international award winning copywriter whose 18 years in communications have covered a diverse range of professionally associated areas. She has been active in online marketing, mainstream marketing, direct marketing, advertising, and public relations. Now her wide range of business and creative writing skills primarily focus on her areas of passion - internet and affiliate marketing.

Content Posted by Sally Evans

How To Increase Sales By Tracking Web User Behavior

Find out how you can increase website conversions through tracking web users with clicks and eye movements.

How To Get Testimonials That Sell

Discover why asking someone for a testimonial is a really bad idea if you want to increase your sales. Find out the best ways to get powerful testimonials from people that are specifically designed to boost your bottom line.

Are Your Testimonials Costing You Sales?

Find out what makes a testimonial sell or bomb! The nine essential things you need to have in a testimonial to maximize your sales.

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