Sally Evans

Sally Evans is an international award winning copywriter whose 18 years in communications have covered a diverse range of professionally associated areas. She has been active in online marketing, mainstream marketing, direct marketing, advertising, and public relations. Now her wide range of business and creative writing skills primarily focus on her areas of passion - internet and affiliate marketing.

Content Posted by Sally Evans

You Too Can Broadcast Internet Radio

Increase visitor numbers through having online radio. It's now much easier than it used to be.

How You Can Maximize Your Productivity With Blog Post Writing

Find it hard to get "in the zone" when writing blog posts? Check out these tips for making sure that the time you spend writing is as productive as possible.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Blogging

Are you up to speed with the real advantages of having video on your blog? Here's why this form of marketing deserves some attention!

How To Use Online Video To Create A More Interactive Site

Find out how to use online videos to get your visitors more involved in your affiliate site, and how to optimize these videos for SEO.

How To Increase Sales With Your Copywriting

Find out what you need to have covered off with your copy writing to boost your website conversion rates.

5 Business-Boosting Ways To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

Find out how some not-so-optional extras can help boost conversions on your website.

How To Pick A Profit-Pulling Niche With Google Insights

Discover what's hot and what's not for an affiliate marketing niche with this great free tool.

How To Get Testimonials When You're Just Getting Started Online

Find out how you can get testimonials and reviews of your product when you've not yet started selling online! Even if you've not yet sold anything, these techniques will help you create powerful customer testimonials you can use to increase your credibility.

4 Speedy Ways To Research Your SEO Competition

Find out who your real SEO competitors are - quickly and easily, with Google search query filters.

8 Easy Ways To Check Out Your SEO Competition With SEOBook's Toolbar

How to research your competition to find out if they're serious competitors - or just pretending. Discover whether that niche you've got your eye on is worth pursuing.

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