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Kiesha Easley holds a Masters of Arts in English as well as a certificate to teach Writing. She's an English Composition Instructor; Affiliate Marketer; and has had articles published at, Ezinearticles, Sooperarticles, and Goarticles. She is the owner of: The Affiliate Marketer's Help Desk Blog and website: Affiliate Marketeter's Help Desk

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Find sponsors for your tweets

Twitter influence is creating a new way for companies to reach potential consumers - now average users can profit from posting tweets. Are you missing out on this income opportunity?

4 ideas to keep your visitors coming back

You've put some serious work into generating traffic, finally more and more visitors are landing on your site, but are you letting them slip away? If you're not providing an incentive to capture email addresses or other vital information, you might as well open your wallet and roll down the window because letting visitors escape is the equivalent of letting money fly right out the window.

Email marketing can increase website traffic

Website traffic is the single, number one issue among new webmasters. When your website is constantly turning up ghost town statistics, it seems like there's no way out. Pair that with the reality that visitors who have made it to your website may never return and you've got instant "all-hope-is-lost" soup.

Using news trends to increase website traffic

If you want to see an increase in website and search engine traffic, try this trick that works every time.

Are you boring your readers?

ZZZZzzz! If your readers are making this sound, they could be suffering from BRS: "Bored Reader Syndrome". Is your site infecting them?

Writing comments that bring traffic to your site

Are you wasting time and energy writing shallow comments? Writing thoughtful comments could bring more traffic to your site. Read on to discover how leaving the right comments at the right site could increase your traffic significantly.

Writing Tip: Content with a Purpose

Writing with an unclear purpose is an exercise in blatant time and space wasting. Content and everything else you place on your site must serve a clear purpose.

Let Google pay you per click: 3 options for generating content

While you're waiting for your affiliate income to come through, you'll want to monetize your site, but don't skimp on the quality content. You still need to provide quality articles that keep visitors coming to your site.

Earn up to 100% Google Adsense revenue without a blog or website

Sounds impossible, but it's not! You can write "how to" articles and earn up to 100% Google AdSense revenue without a website or blog of your own!

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