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How to back a winning horse (the four P's)

Today I’m going to show you a few things about how to back a winning horse.

I mean that metaphorically, for your business of course.

If you want to know how to back a winning horse, you’ll have to talk to my Grandfather.

By winning horse, I’m referring to your market and really targeting the people who are profitable.

A step-by-step guide on how to assess your market

Want to know if the market you are in or thinking of getting into is any good? This step-by-step guide shows you how you can figure out if you should "Get in, get out or press on with gusto!".

The survey results and the growth framework

When I read the results of the survey that we ran last week I knew I had done the right thing in acquiring AssociatePrograms.com.

I showed the results to my wife and we both became excited. 

"What an opportunity”, we said to each other.

I've sold AssociatePrograms.com . . . to an old friend

Here's the big announcement I promised you last week.

I've finally decided to retire.

All my websites and newsletters have been bought by someone you might remember as part of the AssociatePrograms.com family a few years ago.

He’s set up a brand new company dedicated to growing small online businesses and improving the lives of their owners. 

Acquiring AssociatePrograms.com and my other sites is part of his strategy to build the community.

More about that later. First, I'll tell you why I'm retiring...

How you can successfully buy traffic on a budget

Associate Programs Newsletter #472

Last week I mentioned that not learning how to buy traffic is like choosing not to learn how to drive a car because there are buses.

What I didn't discuss were the options for people who WANT to buy traffic, but don't have a big budget to do so.

Today I share a strategy for seeing quick success with a small budget.


1. How to successfully buy traffic on a budget
2. $1290 for $347 over in 48 hours
3. Thought for today: Strategy and tactics

How to successfully buy traffic on a budget

As I discussed in an earlier post, not learning the art of buying traffic is a bit like not learning how to drive a car. Sure, the bus is OK (which I compared to SEO), but if you really want full control and freedom you must go through the often frustrating learning curve.

Unfortunately for many, it’s not a lack of willingness that is the problem. It’s a lack of funds.
I’ve heard this a lot over the years, but haven’t seen any decent (or at least free) guides for learning how to buy traffic on a budget. So today, I decided to put one together for you.

How I nearly killed my sister-in-law

Associate Programs Newsletter #471

Can you drive a car? If so, do you remember when you were learning how to do it?

If your experience was anything like mine, it was pretty nerve wracking for myself and my future sister-in-law who taught me everything I needed to know.

3 easy niche markets to tackle

Associate Programs Newsletter #470

It's easy to get disheartened and think that all the good online opportunities are gone.

That's not the case at all.

Today, we're going to show you a massive gold mine of niche markets with decent volume and almost no competition.


1. Picking the right battles
2. A 3rd birthday celebration
3. Thought for today: Small enough to win

Don't guess. Just know.

Associate Programs Newsletter #469

Imagine building a house on pure guess work. It would probably be an eyesore and structurally unsound. Likewise, if you build your site without keyword research, you're simply guessing.


    1. Don't guess. Just know.
    2. We're creating 5 new case study sites
    3. Thought for today: Two choices

Are affiliates still using PPC successfully?

Associate Programs Newsletter #468

If it didn't have real consequences, it would be quite funny.

You know, the guru hyperbole that's thrown around saying "x" is dead, and if you're not doing "x" you're going to fail.

One of the most annoying examples of this has to be the myth surrounding PPC not working in affiliate marketing. Today, we prove that this isn't the case.

Plus, I reveal a new surprise that we'll be launching soon.


1. Are affiliates still using PPC successfully?
2. A special surprise is on the way
3. Thought for today: Rid yourself of traditional thinking

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