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Is Article Marketing Dead Or Does It Still Have A Bright Future for Affiliate Marketers?

In recent days, there has been a virtual storm of opinions about Google's recent algorithm "adjustments". Nowhere else has this controversy caused more angst than in the article marketing space.

Dan Ho looks at what industry insiders are saying, what you can do and how to make sure that you don't get affected by this sort of change in the future.

Do You Make Consistent Affiliate Marketing Sales?

The numbers are pretty sobering but undeniable: most affiliates never gain any real traction and never make any decent money. Learn from ones who do.

Zipf's principle revisited

In May 2008, I made an important discovery and applied it in a way that made succeeding at affiliate marketing as easy as it could be made - at least in my view.

How to achieve 10,000 visitors a day with Site Build It

An affiliate who uses the quirky persona "Rays Lite" has come from nowhere to dominate his niche. He did it in only one year. It's a hot niche, too - celebrity sunglasses. The site receives about 10,000 unique visitors a day and sells enough sunglasses to fund Ray's outrageous lifestyle.

Success leaves clues. Study what this successful affiliate is doing...

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