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Brad runs a SEO company that consults and manages the SEO for over 50 companies worldwide. He has been selling online since 1996 with some of his sites averaging over 8000 unique organic visitors a day.

He speaks internationally on Internet marketing for offline businesses, Facebook marketing and Social Media marketing and runs training for online entrepreneurs and small businesses. Brad's background is in technology and training. With over 10 years online, he brings a wide range of knowledge and skills to us and aims to use it to help you succeed online too.

His sites include Award Certificate Templates, Learn Wordpress and more...

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Earn Up to 95% Affiliate Commissions

Associate Programs Newsletter #518
Click2Sell affiliate network have listened to affiliates and affiliate merchants and made big changes since their launch four years ago.
In some ways, they're better than ClickBank - well worth checking out.

Click2Sell - The Innovative Affiliate Network

About 4 years ago, we looked at this "new" affiliate network. It seemed like a good idea to go back and see how they've grown. And gosh, have they grown. From 60 to more than 1400 affiliate  products and a huge range of improvements in the vendor and affiliate tools.

Discover what improvements they've implemented, what advantages there is to signing up and why Click2Sell might be the network you've been searching for.

BTW, you can earn also up to 95% commission on some products.

A Forex/Financial Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Associate Programs Newsletter #517

You asked for more case studies so...
This week, super affiliate John B shares his insights with us and I've got to say, he's opened my eyes to a few techniques that I hadn't really given as much credit to as maybe I should have.

Discover what makes John B so successful.

Affiliate Marketing Case Study - John B - Forex Affiliate Reviews

affiliate case studyDiscover how John B has taken his background experience and turned it into a thriving affiliate business providing up to the minute advice and information to other forex/financial affiliate marketers.

John has provided some great insights into how he has built his business, where he makes his money and what techniques he uses to great effect to promote his website. I was very interested in the weight he places on forum marketing and it made me sit back to think about my forays into forums.

An Affiliate Marketer's No.1 Job?

Associate Programs Newsletter #516

Let's face the facts here. Once you have your affiliate website live, you only have one job in life - driving loads of hungry traffic to it.

The Total Traffic Building Training Dashboard

One of my favorite internet marketers has just released a great new product in his range of dashboards. Marlon Sanders has put years of traffic testing and research into his latest product.

As an affiliate, anything you can learn to improve your traffic is like money in the bank. "No traffic = no money." It's a simple formula to understand. "Traffic = sales/money" and statistics that you can use to improve your conversions. 

This week I review Marlon Sanders' Traffic Dashboard and reveal to you some of the many features and the training he provides.

Almost Instant Product Creation

Associate Programs Newsletter #515

If you want to reach out to your market and build your influence, you have to build an email list.
It's been proven over and over again that a good list can often outsell the best sales page because of the connection the writer has with their readers.
But how do you build a list when you have nothing to give people to get them to subscribe? If you've been following my articles over the last 4 weeks, you're much closer than you think to having your first product completed...

Turning Affiliate Articles Into Lifetime Income Streams

Half the battle with producing your first product is the writing and the good news is that you're only a couple of hours away from having your own original ebook or ecourse.

With your own product, you can build a list of subscribers who want to hear more from you about the niche that you're promoting. They would love you to send them interesting articles, affiliate offers and other goodies that satisfy their interests.

Did you realize that you can recycle your content writing one more time to help you get your list started? You can! Discover how to convert your articles into a list.

Authority Links = 400 Extra Visitors a Day

Associate Programs Newsletter #514

Why spend all your time writing new website content when you can leverage your existing articles to create links back to affiliate site? Think "Green Content".

Would 400 extra visitors a day be worth 20 minutes of your time? That's all it took for me to build a couple of links that have provided traffic to 1 site for 5 years so far!

Leveraging Articles to Create Authority Links

There is no point reinventing the wheel every time you need to create content. You need to leverage the SEO articles that you have been writing for your affiliate site.

Your content can be used over and over to build quality links back to your website from Web 2.0 sites and high ranking content sites.

The Google Panda update doesn't mean that you shouldn't use authority sites to build traffic. It means you need to spend a little more time to improve your article's uniqueness.

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