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allan_gardyne.jpgAllan Gardyne is the founder and CEO of and a bunch of other affiliate-driven websites.

A full-time affiliate marketer since 1998, he spends winters in Queensland, Australia, and summers in New Zealand.

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I've sold . . . to an old friend

Here's the big announcement I promised you last week.

I've finally decided to retire.

All my websites and newsletters have been bought by someone you might remember as part of the family a few years ago.

He’s set up a brand new company dedicated to growing small online businesses and improving the lives of their owners. 

Acquiring and my other sites is part of his strategy to build the community.

More about that later. First, I'll tell you why I'm retiring...

Top 5 Most Popular Goals; Going To The Next Level

Associate Programs Newsletter #565 

"It's a beautiful day. We should be doing something interesting," my wife said.

No, no, she didn't mean THAT. This is a clean newsletter.

But exactly what should we do? Searching for inspiration, I had a look at...

Wow! Did I Really Do That?

Associate Programs Newsletter #564

I jumped out of a plane at 15,000ft a few days ago. It was a fantastic, awesome experience... except for the bits that weren't.

The worst part...

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: The SiteSell WordPress Plugin

Associate Programs Newsletter #564

If you've been waiting for the right time to start a new business, now is the right time. This is the right tool.

At Last! The SiteSell WordPress Plugin: bizXpress

bizXpress-logo.GIFAt long last SiteSell has done what many of its customers and fans have been asking for. It has launched a WordPress plugin.

It's a premium WordPress plugin called bizXpress. It comes in Lite (free) and Pro versions.

Yub An Unusual New Affiliate Network

yub.GIFAssociate Programs Newsletter #563

An unusual, new rewards affiliate network called Yub has been launched with $12 million in funding.

Based in Mountain View, California, it's being promoted as the "world's first offline affiliate network".

Google Helpouts A New Revenue Opportunity

Associate Programs Newsletter #562

The new Google Helpouts service gives you a chance to earn money in a new way.

Don't dismiss this as being just for consultants or companies or "other people". I think you'll be surprised when you see all the opportunities here for affiliates - or for anyone who has teachable skills and knowledge.

How To Follow Your Passion and Succeed

You really CAN follow your passion and succeed.

Hard-hearted marketers will tell you to follow the money, and that advice sounds sensible, but there's one really big problem with that strategy.

Are You STILL Wasting Time Blogging?

LynnTerry.GIFAssociate Programs Newsletter #561

If you're wasting time doing ineffective blogging - writing blog posts but not attracting enough visitors, not gaining enough friends, and not making enough sales - I know someone who can help.

She has written the best course on social media marketing I've seen.

The Scariest Time Of My Life

Associate Programs Newsletter #560

Where's the champagne? I'm celebrating. It's the 10th anniversary of the scariest time of my life. As a few longtime readers may remember, 10 years ago I was lying in hospital.

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