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Throughout and in the Associate Programs Newsletter, we recommend many products and services. We review products and tell you which ones we believe are worth buying. In some cases, if you click on a link and buy a product, we earn a commission from the vendor. This whole site - - is an example of affiliate marketing.

In our affiliate directory, thousands of the links to affiliate merchants have been provided by visitors to this site. In many cases, if you purchase a product after clicking on a link in the affiliate directory, SOMEONE ELSE may earn a commission.

Since 1998, we've been doing our research carefully and endeavoring to recommend only superb products. We aim to keep the affiliate directory free of thieves and junk. However, it's a huge task monitoring thousands of affiliate programs. We're human. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes scoundrels fool us. Sometimes apparently good companies go broke and fail to pay commissions. If you use any of the products or services mentioned anywhere on this site or in our newsletter, you do so at your own risk.

Anyone involved in affiliate marketing should diversify. Don't put all your faith in one product, one company, one affiliate merchant, one web host, or one industry. The history of affiliate marketing warns us that such an approach is risky.

Copyright - a warning to thieves

The articles published on are copyrighted. You may not publish them on your site without permission. That would be theft. It seems ridiculous that we even have to say this, but the sad fact is that thieves have often stolen material from Our favorite reaction is to get the web host to close down the thief's site. Another tactic we've used is public ridicule. We've also had thieves' sites removed from the Google index.

This isn't a hobby site - it's a business which employs and feeds employees and their families in three countries. If you believe "information should be free", think of those families. If you like our content, instead of stealing it, provide a link to it.

Affiliate Forum

The copyright on items published in our forum belongs to the individual author. Taking their stuff without permission would be theft, too.


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