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Since 1998, readers have been heaping praise on and the Associate Programs Newsletter.

The newsletter reviews the best and worst affiliate programs. It interviews super affiliates, and gives insider tips on how to market affiliate products successfully. I've been earning a good full-time living on the Net since I "quit my day job" in 1998.

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The following are all completely unsolicited testimonials I've received from readers:

I have been receiving your newsletter for close to 2 years now and find it to be the most valuable source of affiliate information on the net. Your real life examples of successful affiliates, eg Shane Pearce are a true inspiration.
- Rob Pryce

I've been a subscriber to Associate Programs since issue #30. Amazing stuff. I still don't understand how you do it every week. Excellent content! Not only do I learn about the best affiliate programs on the market but I get to see the style with which you promote them. It's like a weekly marketing lesson filled with the exact content I'm looking for. Keep up the great work. And thanks for the inspiration.
- Damon G. Zahariades WebBusinessToday

(The newsletter is now published irregularly, usually about twice a month.)

Just to let you know, I listed your resource in my book ... it's one of the only ones worth reading out there. ;) 
-  Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome

. . .let me thank you for your Associate Programs Newsletter  -  it is simply superb. Among the 100 odd newsletters that I subscribe to, yours is one of the few that I actually look forward to receiving every week. 
-  Sumantra Roy, search engine positioning specialist, 1stSearchRanking

Allan, I just have to write and say that your newsletter has been the most invaluable single piece of any cyber writing anywhere that has been of any importance to me (in the 4 years I have been on the net practicing business).
-  Cody Applegarth, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

By the way, I do admire how you use your newsletter as a sales tool. Very nice! 
-  Michael Wong, eBoz!

This is one of my favorite ezines and I look forward to receiving it each week. Allan does an excellent job of objectively evaluating the many programs available online.

- Scott Owen

Still enjoying your ezine tremendously. Yours is the best out there! :)
- Greg Landry, M.S. Exercise Physiologist,

Thank you for your recent articles about the mistakes affiliates make. Your newsletter becomes more valuable to me every week. I never suffer from a shortage of ideas, but after reading your articles and acting on the suggestions, I have even more. 
-  Bill Enross,

Your newsletter is always the first to be read the day it arrives.

- Jeff Chorpenning, Adyourlogo

I haven't been a subscriber to your newsletter for very long (in offline terms anyway), but your newsletter is the only one I receive weekly that consistently has something of value to me in each issue, whether it's finding out about a new service or learning about what other people are doing to maximize their Internet presence and their sales . . . Even though logic tell us that quality is the currency business should deal in to survive, it's still very hard to find on and offline. It seems you are very rich in that type of currency, and I am very glad to receive my bit of it each week.
- Jenny Berger

Allan's blockbuster newsletter is now one of the most respected in the Internet industry.

- Neil Shearing ScamFreeZone

"Great work with the Associate Programs Newsletter. It is one of the few I read every issue . . . always jam packed with great ideas and leads."
- Kevin Needham, publisher, AIM Ezine

Just a note to again thank you for the quality of your efforts. Your site and your newsletter are the best in your field. It is a truly rare thing to find quality information on the web these days. You normally have to wade through vast rivers and mountains of fluff to find anything useful and when it comes to anything related to opportunity seekers it is almost completely impossible - there is just so much complete garbage. I don't want you to think that this is some sort of come on - I truly appreciate the fact that your site and newsletter actually offer something of value. I receive several email newsletters and without exception they are full of advertisements and almost completely devoid of useful information. Yours is the opposite.
- Paul Massell, Onlineshopping

Subscribing to your newsletter has already been worth SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS US to me!!! If that's not getting your money's worth out of a FREE newsletter, I don't know what is!!

- Andrew Larder.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am a avid reader of your newsletters. You can tell that you have a good newsletter when I stop everything I am doing on my site (work that is just about constant.... surfing ??? What's that?! :-D ) and read through your newsletter as soon as it arrives. I am not exactly sure what it is about your newsletter that makes it such a winner, but you definitely have created a winning formula!
- Vickie Barnes Thelaboroflove

I have been receiving your very informative newsletter for about 8 months now. I look forward to reading it. Your honest and straight forward approach is very refreshing.

- Jennifer Arsenault NoMore9-5

Well, it is time to thank you again. Your mention of the Amazon-Affiliates (tm) Discussion List in your newsletter has already resulted in over 30 new subscribers and I expect several times that many by the time the dust settles. It's amazing the pulling power of your newsletter. If anyone is trying to decide where to invest some ad money they could not do better than to consider your publication. Please consider this a "very strong testimonial" for your publication - and for you personally. You are a great asset to the online marketing community.
- Thom Reece, CEO On-Line Marketing Group

Your "tell it like it is" style really does you a great service. People online want the facts. Not a bunch of fluff. Keep up the great work.

- Jim Daniels Bizweb2000

Hello, just wanted to write and say thank you for your posting last week. I believe we got 50 people signed up for our program because of your write-up. I had one person send me your write-up and say, "If this man says you are good, then you are good!" 
-  Myron & Marilee Miller, MMSeekers - World Of Collectibles

I really appreciate the information in your AssociatePrograms ezine. You really provide a super service!! I am very certain that many of your readers would have loved to have thought of it first! Keep up the great work!!
-  Sharon Gladson, Publisher, Webside Abundance

I subscribe to a lot of periodicals - both on and off the Net. I only read one on a regular basis - yours. I love it, keep up the good work. (In fact I still have the "Be Memorable" note taped to my wall.)
- Bruce Jackman.

I have read this newsletter for a little more than a year now. I could not put a price on what I have learned from it over the last year. If you want information about affiliate/associate programs and how people are making money with various programs, you need to subscribe to this FREE newsletter today. Allan Gardyne, who owns and runs does an excellent job.
- Rich Rosa, Pregio

I would like to thank you for your very informative newsletter. It is one of the only newsletters I actually look forward to!! It is wonderful that someone on the Net actually knows what he is talking about!

- Kimberly Hatfield, Romantics Network

I really enjoy receiving your excellent newsletter. Keeping up to date with all the new affliate programs is very difficult - but you do the hard work and WE all get the results. Thanks for recommending only the best programs!!
- Tom Evans, Editor, Joke Email

Allan Gardyne. He simply is one of the most knowledgeable resources when it comes to affiliate programs.

- Jaffer Ali, CEO, PulseTV

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"77 Ways To Get Traffic nearly all FREE"
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