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We're swamped with offers for joint ventures but we're always interested in receiving more good win-win deals. Please provide plenty of relevant information. Please don't expect us to promote products we haven't examined.

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How do I add my affiliate program to your directory?

Submit it using the form here: Suggest program.

Will you please critique my website?

Sorry. No. It's just impossible. There aren't enough hours in the day. Please go to our friendly, helpful affiliate forum and ask for a site review in the Site Review section. If you follow the forum instructions and also ask nicely, you may receive several helpful replies.

How do I...?

You can probably find the answer to your question by searching our Knowledge Base or our affiliate forum. See the search box at the top of this page? It allows you to search different sections of this site. If you can't find the answer, the best place to ask your question is on our affiliate forum.

Will you be my mentor? I'll pay

Sorry. No. I know it sounds harsh, but I just about killed myself in the past acting as a helpdesk. Now I answer questions on our affiliate forum instead. We have lots of experienced forum members who help newcomers with tips. You can also read my free Affiliate Program Tutorial which sums up 15 years of affiliate marketing experience.

May I phone you?

I'd rather you didn't. I like peace and quiet. I also prefer to see things written down.

Can I hire you as a consultant?

Thanks for the offer. No. I don't do that. Anyway, explore this site. I've spent years pouring my experience into it.

Do you sell solo ads in your newsletter?

No, but we have good advertising opportunities

Will you publish my article?

Probably not. To help convince me to publish your unique article, show me a website you own.


No thanks. That's not our field.

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