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There's no snake oil at this site.

Hi, I'm Allan Gardyne.

That's me (pictured below) with a python, just after I arrived in Australia from New Zealand back in 1985. (I haven't done anything even half as brave since.)

The photo (right) shows me with the gray hairs I've acquired since then.

I launched my Internet marketing business while living in a self-designed pole home among gum trees, palms and jacarandas at Tuan, a little fishing village in sub-tropical Queensland, Australia.

Tuan is so small it doesn't have a shop, and until late August, 1997, every time I went on the Internet it cost me a toll call.

Living in a village without a shop didn't stop me from earning a good living on the Internet.

snake.jpgWhile large dot-coms have soared and crashed, we turned a hobby into a thriving business with several full-time employees and a few part-time employees and contractors.

These days, we mainly use contractors and outsource workers, vastly simplifying the business.

Thanks to affiliate programs, my wife, Joanna, and I have achieved one of our dream goals - a few years ago we bought an apartment by the beach at Rainbow Bay, south of Brisbane.

We spend warm, sunny winters in Australia and summers in New Zealand, where we have friends, family and an employee.

If you're interested, we have some photos further down the page.

Why are we successful when so many companies have failed on the Net?

I don't just write about affiliate programs. I work at this stuff. For the first 10 years, nearly all our revenue came from affiliate commissions. Then we partnered with Jay Stockwell to launch SpeedPPC, which Jay invented. It's a system for doing PPC marketing efficiently and VERY fast.

We concentrate on niche markets and promote products which interest each target audience.

I read endlessly. I own a large library of Internet market manuals and keep adding to it. Also, by interviewing super affiliates - those who earn more than the average wage earner - I learn insider tips and techniques which are working today.

I'm also a strong believer in the "Give, then take," philosophy.

There's a lot more to being successful than that, of course...

Many self-styled "experts" are eager to give you advice and, as you've probably realized, much of it is self-serving hype or out of date. In my free Associate Programs Newsletter I give you tips from the winners - people who are earning good money TODAY - from affiliate programs.

Be original

Many Net gurus will advise you to copy other people. I believe it's better to be original. I prefer to think for myself - and encourage you to do the same. That's how AssociatePrograms.com began. I was looking for a directory of associate programs, couldn't find one, and so I launched my own, in January, 1998.

I joined my first affiliate program way back in 1997, but I still get a thrill each time I receive a "You've achieved a sale" message from an affiliate merchant.

Joanna and I used to be journalists, but the stress of our high-pressure jobs wasn't giving us the quality of life we wanted. After some soul searching, in 1989 we resigned from our well paid jobs and began working part-time.

I set up a hobby website in 1996 (selling a recipe ebook which Joanna and I wrote) and that's where I began learning about Internet marketing. Two years later, in December, 1998, I quit my part-time job so that I could devote more time to my fast-growing Internet business. Before too long, Joanna joined the business.

We reckon Internet-based businesses are ideal for our style of life. We love being able to walk on the beach while the work we've put into the business carries on making money for us.

Here are the photos I promised you.

We seem to be collecting water views

The view from our apartment at Rainbow Bay, Queensland, Australia. We liked it so much when we spent winter 2005 here that we decided to return and buy an apartment here. Some of the vacationers in our apartment block would be surprised if they knew we're running our online business from the place where they spend their vacations. Rainbow Bay is a popular surfing beach.

The view of the harbor from our house in Dunedin, New Zealand. It's relaxing watching the yachts.

I'm telling you about our lifestyle to encourage you to achieve YOUR dreams.

My aim is to make this site and the Associate Programs Newsletter useful for anyone who wants to earn good money on the Internet without spending a lot of time learning how.

If you're new to all this, start by reading my free Affiliate Program Tutorial and make sure you subscribe to the Associate Programs Newsletter. I put all my best revenue-earning tips, insider tips and marketing tips in the newsletter.

Allan Gardyne, founder
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