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Video Performance Network

Title: Video Performance Network
Category: Marketing / Affiliate Networks
Added on: Dec 29, 2009
Video CPA Network. This is the first Pay for Performance Video Network. Now you can add video to any site, and get paid for it on a CPA basis. No need to worry about integrating video. If you can add a banner to your site, you can add our videos.

Video Performance Network is a Pay For Performance Video CPA Network.

We allow Publishers and Affiliates to add Video to their site and get paid for it. Video Performance Network is a great alternative for Publishers and Affiliates who have Video Placements or Inventory available, but who are tired of low paying CPMs. If you are an Advertiser or Brand, you are paying for Performance, or Action, so risk is minimal compared to CPM buys. Everything from Impressions to conversions and revenue is tracked through your online account with us.
Video Performance Network Affiliate Program Details
Base Commission: varies, many campaigns
Two Tier: Yes
Recurring Commissions: No
Your Full Name: Tyson Sumrall
Commission Type: paypersale
Payment frequency: Bi-monthly
Minimum payment: $50
Affiliate software: In-house
Cookie period: varies
Data feed: No
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