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Title: Veguit
Category: Health and Beauty / health
Added on: Oct 11, 2006
With two capsules a day of Veguit, you can boost your body?s natural production of antioxidant enzymes (catalytic antioxidants) ? Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Catalase (CAT). Veguit promotes trillions of your body?s cells to maximize production of these catalytic antioxidant enzymes through the scientific formula of 30 organic antioxidants. Veguit can help you stay young and keep healthy. With Veguit's free offer the customer just pays shipping and affiliates earn $21. This is a two-tier program paying 20% on the second tier.
Veguit Affiliate Program Details
Base Commission: $21
Two Tier: Yes
Recurring Commissions: Yes
Your Full Name: Elle Chandler
Commission Type: paypersale
Payment frequency: Monthly
Minimum payment: $50
Affiliate software: clixGalore Affiliate Marketing
Cookie period: 2 years
Data feed: Yes
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