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B&H Photo

Title: B&H Photo
Category: Electronics
Added on: Dec 30, 2008
B&H Photo enjoys mutually beneficial relationships with thousands of partners worldwide. For over 30 years, B&H has been recognized as the leading and most trusted source offering over 220,000 photo, video and audio products. Our site was designed to be appealing, informative, and very user friendly. Our average customer purchase is in the range of $500 to $600.

Affiliates earn 2%-3% commission on sales. Once you sign up you have the options to choose from a large library of banners, buttons and links, many of which are customizable. The B&H affiliate program is now offering custom storefronts. They can be as small or as large as you want. All you have to do is send us the B&H SKU’s of the products of your choosing which are found either under or next the product image. We will then send you the HTML and product images. Just upload to your site and you're done. It can be a bar of 5 products or a page of as many as you want.
B&H Photo Affiliate Program Details
Base Commission: 2%
Two Tier: No
Recurring Commissions: Yes
Your Full Name: Jonathan Yudin
Commission Type: paypersale
Payment frequency: Monthly
Minimum payment: $20
Affiliate software: Kowabunga
Cookie period: 30 days
Data feed: Yes
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