Affiliate Blogger Pro Review

BloggerPro-logo.GIFAt first glance, WordPress seems a beautifully designed, wonderfully simple to use little tool. It ought to be easy to create a blog with WordPress and earn money from it. Right?

The problem is that once you start using WordPress, you keep finding out there's one little thing you need to know, then another little thing, and another...

Want to improve your WordPress Blogs' SEO?

seopressor reviewA lot of different plugins try to help you with your blogs’ search engine optimization.

Most bloggers would be familiar with the All In one SEO plugin, which allows you to set default page titles and descriptions across the blog and also individually via custom fields. The problem with this plugin is that it does nothing to prompt you or help you make your work search engine friendly.

However, a recently released plugin, SEOPressor, can automatically enhance the chances of your WordPress blogs ranking well.

How WordPress outguns Blogger

A number of Internet marketers have discovered to their horror that Blogger has suddenly deleted their blogs. That's just one of five important reasons why WordPress is a better choice than Blogger.

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