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Authority Links = 400 Extra Visitors a Day

Associate Programs Newsletter #514

Why spend all your time writing new website content when you can leverage your existing articles to create links back to affiliate site? Think "Green Content".

Would 400 extra visitors a day be worth 20 minutes of your time? That's all it took for me to build a couple of links that have provided traffic to 1 site for 5 years so far!

Crafting SEO Friendly Keyword Coded Content

afiliate content is kingAssociate Programs Newsletter #513

Content is King.
This is a well publicized fact of search engine optimization. But what sort of content is king? Instant, computer generated content, skilfully crafted articles or regurgitated variations of another site's text? Theoretically, any text could work for you to fill your site pages. The question is, "Do you want to put your name to it?"
Are you building an authority site that continues to produce an ongoing income for you or are you trying for instant success?

Better Traffic from Better Keywords for Affiliate Marketers

Associate Programs Newsletter #512

Keyword research ultimately can determine your success or failure online. Pick the wrong focus and you'll be hard pressed to get any visitors from search engines.
So how do you start finding keywords?

Top Level Tips Spill Google Secrets for Affiliates

Associate Programs Newsletter #511

Last week Google spilled the beans on how they think and what you should think and do to get their blessing. And we all know what blessings from Google result in... high rankings and lots of traffic.

Quality Content = Page #1 of Google

Associate Programs Newsletter #510

I’m not sure if you’re noticing but I’m starting to see an even bigger effect from Google’s Farmer (Panda) update.

Some of my sites that were holding their rankings are now starting to suffer a bit as the wider reaching changes affect the sites that are linked to them.
On the other hand though, a site that I started at Christmas time and only have been adding unique articles to every day, has just popped onto Page #1 on Google.com for a 2 word WordPress phrase. That has reinforced my belief in quality, unique content over fancy expensive fads.

A Billion Dollar Opportunity

health affiliate marketingAssociate Programs Newsletter #509

Each year billions of dollars are being spent online by people wanting to look younger, live longer and feel healthier. It's one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.
You and I are prepared to spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on vitamins, tonics, herbal helpers and more if makes us feel better. That's not even considering the alternative medicine industry.
Here's your chance to grab your share of that billion-dollar pie without having to do it all yourself.

John Gibb's Affiliate Ebook Offer For Our Readers Only

Associate Programs Newsletter #508

Unbelievable! Last week's case study of John Gibb's affiliate business drew a massive response with it being one of our most read articles this year.
If you enjoyed learning about his business, I've got great news for you!
John has offered us an exclusive gift for you. That's right! You can get it only from AssociatePrograms.com.

Health Affiliate Sets New Record

Associate Programs Newsletter #507

Have you ever done more than 100 affiliate sales in just 24 hours?  On a record day recently, John Gibb completed 143 affiliate sales through his alternative nutritional supplements sites.

We asked him for his advice to affiliates.

Max Out Your Facebook Fan Page

Associate Programs Newsletter #506

Last week we looked at how Facebook has changed the way that fan pages work with the addition of iFrame apps.
To follow on, today I'm reviewing a starter package that gives you everything you need to build your first iFrame app. Even a code luddite like me was able to set up a reveal page quite quickly with this system. Nice and easy...

Facebook Changes Empower Affiliates

Associate Programs Newsletter #505

This month Facebook made changes to how Fan Pages work. It was a major step forward that gives affiliate marketers much more control over what people do when they "Like" a page.
Facebook has opened a door that previously only programmers could walk through. Now is the time to jump on to Facebook and leverage its power.

A Final Dig into the Farmer Update

Associate Programs Newsletter #504

This is the final say, for now, on the Google Farmer update. I've decided to leave it to a man well qualifed to comment because he can base his arguments from fact - tens of thousands of websites' stats...
SBI creator Ken Evoy puts his thoughts forward on the effects of the update, what you can do about it and how to future proof your affiliate business (as much as that's possible).

Top Sites Mauled by Google!

Associate Programs Newsletter #503

While the Google Farmer update continues with tragic effects on many well known sites, one company has been tracking the results using their own visibility formula.
The results of their research are staggering.

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