2011 Newsletters

Are You Making This Mistake?

Associate Programs Newsletter #526

The most common mistake I keep seeing affiliates make is creating websites and blogs that aren't worth linking to. If you're struggling to make sense of affiliate marketing, you really need to think about this.

Who else wants to be optimistic about affiliate marketing?

Associate Programs Newsletter #525

If you're pessimistic about affiliate marketing, I think that's a ridiculous attitude, because there's so much new data to be optimistic about.

Here are 7 reasons to be optimistic about your future in affiliate marketing.

How to earn residual commissions from discount coupons

Associate Programs Newsletter #524

Discount coupons are hugely popular and very useful for encouraging more sales. However, affiliates discover that keeping vendors' coupons up to date is labor intensive, and building a coupons site is too complex for most of us.

Now Jami and Jason Khehra have come to the rescue. They've launched a site that make things better for customers and much easier for affiliates. And the affiliate program pays residual commissions. Nice!

A Freebie Too Good to Ignore

johngibb.jpg.Associate Programs Newsletter #523

Remember John Gibb? He owns a collection of income producing affiliate mini-sites that have grown into authority sites, with the help of his "power linking" strategies.

This year John started training other affiliates to do what he does Here's the fantastic freebie he's offering...

SiteSell's Strange Decision on Affiliate Cookies

Associate Programs Newsletter #522

Ken Evoy has made a surprising, major change to the way SiteSell tracks affiliate cookies. Now the FIRST AFFILIATE gets the commission, in many cases. I think it's a bad decision for affiliates.

Super Affiliate Interview Part 2

fake-facebook.GIFAssociate Programs Newsletter #521

Part 2 of my interview with super affiliate Jeff Ostroff...

I also discuss our website woes, fake Facebook "Like" numbers, and recommend the perfect place for affiliate beginners to begin.

Super affiliate Jeff Ostroff revisited

Associate Programs Newsletter #520

Jeff Ostroff earns serious affiliate commissions by creating sites that contain hundreds of pages of useful free advice. In total contrast, Marc Lindsay and Daniel build basic, very quick, 5-page websites that continue to earn revenue month after month with little maintenance. Both methods can work...

Work Smart Not Hard

Associate Programs Newsletter #519

Allan Gardyne here...

Brad is busy on his own business, so I'm back writing the newsletter, concentrating today on working smart instead of hard...

Earn Up to 95% Affiliate Commissions

Associate Programs Newsletter #518
Click2Sell affiliate network have listened to affiliates and affiliate merchants and made big changes since their launch four years ago.
In some ways, they're better than ClickBank - well worth checking out.

A Forex/Financial Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Associate Programs Newsletter #517

You asked for more case studies so...
This week, super affiliate John B shares his insights with us and I've got to say, he's opened my eyes to a few techniques that I hadn't really given as much credit to as maybe I should have.

Discover what makes John B so successful.

An Affiliate Marketer's No.1 Job?

Associate Programs Newsletter #516

Let's face the facts here. Once you have your affiliate website live, you only have one job in life - driving loads of hungry traffic to it.

Almost Instant Product Creation

Associate Programs Newsletter #515

If you want to reach out to your market and build your influence, you have to build an email list.
It's been proven over and over again that a good list can often outsell the best sales page because of the connection the writer has with their readers.
But how do you build a list when you have nothing to give people to get them to subscribe? If you've been following my articles over the last 4 weeks, you're much closer than you think to having your first product completed...

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