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Take a Break Tonight

Associate Programs Newsletter #493

In many homes tonight, people will be drawing their families together to celebrate the holiday season. Whether you’re by yourself or with all the relatives, know that we will be thinking of you all and sending our best wishes to you.

Associate Programs Newsletter - The Millionaire Maker

Associate Programs Newsletter #492

Before these holidays are over (if you get a break), take some time to sit down in a quiet spot and do a little dreaming and a little planning about what you would like to achieve in your affiliate business next year.

If you write a list of 10 things you want to achieve on your site next year, you may be very surprised with how many of them you will make happen, even if you don't look at that list for 12 months.

Previously undiscovered affiliate marketing technique

Associate Programs Newsletter #491

Whoa! This is one of the better blog posts I've read this year. Jay Stockwell sent me through a blog post he had just finished to see what I thought of it. No one else has seen it yet.

What the Heck is Google Up To?

Associate Programs Newsletter #490

How we do business online is always changing. As affiliates, we try to learn and apply new techniques to improve our traffic and affiliate commissions.

But what happens when the Big G conspires to change the rules of the game?

Happy Thanksgiving

Associate Programs Newsletter #489

With this week being Thanksgiving for many of our readers, I would like take a moment to say “Thank You!” for all your support this year.

Allan and I are thankful for your comments and ongoing support as we try to bring you the best of what’s happening in the affiliate marketing and online world.

We look forward to helping you for many years to come.

Quick n Easy Christmas Cash for Affiliate Marketers

Associate Programs Newsletter #488

Keeping up with the Joneses this holiday season is going to be a lot harder for some families. But there is still time to do something about it if you foresee a serious tightening of the purse strings coming.

I like to think outside the box a little so I’ve come up with some positive steps you could apply to grab a share of the expected billions of dollars to be spent in the USA alone this Christmas. Imagine how big the worldwide market is.

Affiliate Newsletter: Is Opportunity Knocking On Your Door?

YanickAssociate Programs Newsletter #487

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the business!

This week you have the chance to learn from 14 of the world's top online marketers AND get the inside track on what thousands of people are doing and using to build their internet businesses.

Push Button Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing machine

Associate Programs Newsletter #486

Allan often likes to joke about the ultimate affiliate marketing offer. You know, the one where someone does it all for you; the research, the site building, the traffic generation and the sales. All you need to do is sit back and watch the money pile up in the bank.

While Allan's dream system will probably never come on the market, well, at least not until we iron the bugs out of it LOL, there is one very successful affiliate marketer, Dan Ho, who offers many of the hard steps done for you. Better still, he has not only just released a range of updates but he has an excellent track record and you'll learn as you move forward together.

How To Avoid Affiliate Burnout!

digging into afiliate marketing

Associate Programs Newsletter #485

There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done! Time becomes even more precious when you’re working a job and building your affiliate business at the same time. The question is, how do you get more done in less time?

You could work more hours every day but that would take you away from family. You could do less hours in your job but that would decrease your much needed cash flow. Or, you could leverage your time by using other people’s skills.

An eBay Affiliate

eBay affiliate marketing

Associate Programs Newsletter #484

We don't often think of eBay when we talk about affiliate programs. It's best known as a marketplace where you can buy just about anything. In this week's case study, Jake Becker of Watchcount.com reveals how he is making a good income as an eBay affiliate.

Do So Much More In A Day

affiliate marketing softwareAssociate Programs Newsletter #483

Building a complete website including content in less than 15 minutes is now totally possible. I recently recorded a video called how to build a WordPress blog on your own hosting with your own domain in 9 minutes and 32 seconds.

Discover how you can take advantage of auto blogging software to improve your affiliate profits and increase the traffic to your website by leveraging quality PLR and written articles combined with the power of blogs, Ping and RSS feeds.

Articles + YouTube = Affiliate Profits

Associate Programs Newsletter #482

Leveraging your time is one of the most important things that you can do to increase your affiliate business profits. Taking one piece of content and using it over and over not only saves you time but it saves brain space as well.

You can recycle your articles into YouTube videos to not only suck traffic from YouTube and search engines.

From video, you can rip audio. From a website, you can make a standalone promotional CD. From written instructions, you can sell a "done for you" solution...

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