2009 Newsletters

The keys to the kingdom - massive growth

Associate Programs Newsletter #416

Truly embracing this "keys to the kingdom" insight has been the biggest driving force in seeing massive growth within our own business in the last two years.

How to fix your lousy writing

Associate Programs Newsletter #415

How effective is your writing? Is it good enough to achieve sales? Your writing doesn't have to be perfect but you do need to communicate clearly. Here are some tips to help you...


1. How to fix your lousy writing
   ... and why you should
2. It's time for us to move again
3. Thought for today: The writing muscle

How Mark makes $1 million a year from affiliate sites

Associate Programs Newsletter #413

If you've decided to hit the road to financial freedom and you want to miss the costly speed bumps, tune in on Monday, because we've organized a very special event for you. Mark Ling, of Affilorama fame, has finally agreed to do a teleseminar exclusively for Associate Programs readers.

Paul Myers pokes his head up - the inside story

Associate Programs Newsletter #412

Are you watching Paul Myers' new affiliate program? He's doing some intriguing stuff, and he's not scared to share the inside details.


1. Paul Myers pokes his head up
   ...the inside story
2. The man who creates millionaires
3. Thought for today: Your own way

Free CPA affiliate marketing guide

Associate Programs Newsletter #411

If you want a "hot off the press" guide showing you how to do CPA affiliate marketing well, check out this 89 page resource. It's completely FREE.

Is this fair?

Associate Programs Newsletter #410

Spying on big affiliates who are using direct linking techniques.

Quirky affiliate gets 10,000 visitors a day

Associate Programs Newsletter #409

I love affiliate success stories. Here's a new one.

It's all about an affiliate who understands what his visitors want.

Plus, new affiliate training...

1. Quirky affiliate gets 10,000 visitors a day
2. Free rank checker
3. "Do this, then do this" affiliate training
4. Attention Australians:
   Learn from the best AdWords trainer in the world
5. Thought for today: Action steps

What was once $77 is now free

Associate Programs Newsletter #408

If there was such a thing as "getting rich quick" online, PPC affiliate marketing would be it.

Is your site boring? Here's how to fix it

Associate Programs Newsletter #407

Is your affiliate website too small,  too boring? You can fix it - in a way that leads to sales. I have heaps of tips for you.

Why article marketing works for some but not others

Associate Programs Newsletter #406

Some affiliates are finding article marketing less effective now. Others are still doing it very successfully. Have a look at what the successful affiliates are doing...

At last! Our new article writing service

Associate Programs Newsletter #405

Drumroll! Ta-da! Announcing...

A new writing service set up just for AssociatePrograms.com readers. This is just for you, dear reader. It's a place where you get original articles written specially for you.

The Shortcut

Associate Programs Newsletter #404

Allan's recovering from Joanna's big birthday bash so I've taken the opportunity to grab the reins and chime in on his latest series "How to make an extra $33,000 a year."

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