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New insights into profitable niches

Associate Programs Newsletter #428

Three new articles we've added to AssociatePrograms.com...

1. You probably know you can use Google Insights as a handy tool when you're hunting for profitable niches. However, do you know how powerful it can be if you drill down? This article may surprise you...

Find out who your REAL competitors are

Associate Programs Newsletter #427

With the help of a new marketing whiz, we're stepping up the pace at AssociatePrograms.com. We're going to be adding lots of new articles to help affiliates and affiliate merchants succeed. Watch out for new articles by Sally Evans. They'll help you succeed online.


1. Find out who your REAL competitors are
2. 9 essentials you need in a testimonial
3. Are you making consistent affiliate sales?
4. Thought for today: Experience

15 make or break keyword research tips

Associate Programs Newsletter #426

1. 15 "make or break" keyword research tips
2. Ssshh... for AssociatePrograms.com readers only.

Finding profitable niche markets

Associate Programs Newsletter #425

Ever hear about a friend succeeding with a business idea and think, "Why didn't I think of that?" Chances are, they found a profitable niche market.

8 niche marketing mistakes

Associate Programs Newsletter #424

Niche marketing - the idea sounds good, but do you REALLY understand how to go about it? There are plenty of tricks to learn and pitfalls to avoid.


1. Avoid the 8 mistakes of niche marketing
2. AP Webinar:  How to Build a Profitable Niche Business
3. Thought for today: What you'll remember

Learn from affiliates who keep things simple

Associate Programs Newsletter #423

If you find affiliate marketing too complicated, take note... You don't have to be an expert in many different facets of affiliate marketing. You can generate sales and commissions simply by concentrating on one method.


1. How to concentrate on stuff that works
2. Zipf's principle revisited
3. How affiliate turns his life around
4. Thought for today: Simplicity

Link building: The new book

Associate Programs Newsletter #422

If you want to rank well in search engines, one thing you absolutely MUST do is get links to your site. Neil Shearing has just launched a book telling you how to do it. It's called "Top Linking Secrets: How To Get Massive Traffic From Top Search Engine Rankings Without Google Penalties."

The Twitter trap

Associate Programs Newsletter #421

Have you fallen into the Twitter trap? I did, years before Twitter was invented. Don't make the mistake I did.

1. The Twitter trap
2. Do you agree?
3. SpeedPPC end of financial year - 3 day 40% sale
4. Craig Beckta's Secret Cash Blueprint
5. Thought for today: Friends and enemies

Affiliate articles attract 300,000 clicks

Associate Programs Newsletter #420

A few months ago when I wrote about article marketing, I received an email from a reader who accused me of writing about something that "doesn't work any more". Well, perhaps HIS article marketing isn't working.

Easy way to increase affiliate commissions

Associate Programs Newsletter #419

There are many different ways to increase affiliate commissions. Today we're looking at two of them - adding videos that we make for you, and uncovering your competitors' strategies.


1. Easy way to increase commissions
2. The step to take after finding a good niche
3. Popular articles you may have missed
4. Thought for today: What we think about

Twits at Twitter finally see sense

Associate Programs Newsletter #418

Yuck. Identity theft. I was impersonated on Twitter for months. It was difficult getting the fake account removed. Don't let this happen to you, on Twitter or elsewhere.


1. Twits at Twitter finally see sense
2. Who's using YOUR name on Twitter and other places?
3. Popular articles you may have missed
4. Thought for today: Learning and living

Differences between rich and poor affiliate marketers

Associate Programs Newsletter #417

If you want your affiliate business to really fly, don't treat it like a hobby. I believe this is one of the primary differences between rich and poor affiliate marketers.

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