2008 Newsletters

Sneaky new affiliate tactic

Associate Programs Newsletter #364

Deceptive affiliate marketing makes our world a worse place. I reckon it's time to fight back.


1. Beware of this sneaky new affiliate tactic
2. Why I didn't just keep quiet about it
3. Have your say
4. New free affiliate training course
5. Are you new to affiliate programs?
6. Thought for today: Fracturing of trust

Learn from experts

Associate Programs Newsletter #363

Some affiliates like learning from their friends. I reckon there are very strong reasons why you should learn from experts, from big thinkers, big achievers.


1. Learn from friends or from experts?
2. You don't have to be perfect
3. Do you learn like a novice or an expert?
4. We're back in sunny Queensland
5. Are you new to affiliate programs?
6. Thought for today: New ideas

Solving 7 big PPC problems

Associate Programs Newsletter #362

Months of long days and long nights have gone into our new SpeedPPC 3. We're very proud of it. It solves your seven big PPC problems.
Also, how to use a tool you may not have noticed for serious brainstorming.


1. We've solved your 7 big PPC problems
2. Problems for Firefox users
3. Drilling down Yahoo's brainstorming tool
4. Are you new to affiliate programs?
5. Thought for today: The hours we put in

Updated Google Quality Rating Guidelines

Associate Programs Newsletter #361

Here's an update on what Google thinks of "thin affiliates" and so-called "sneaky redirects". A 45-page Quality Rating Guidelines report has been leaked which gives affiliates solid tips on things they can do to avoid annoying Google.
And a lot more...


1. Google's updated Quality Rating guidelines
2. How to recruit, motivate and manage your affiliates
3. Where in the world SpeedPPC customers live
4. It's our 10th birthday - generous prizes
5. How to get a FREE copy of SpeedPPC
6. Are you new to affiliate programs?
7. Thought for today: Catching lions

Million dollar ad budget

Associate Programs Newsletter #360

Here's how serious we are about growing our online business - and yours. We're growing fast - I hope you'll come along with us on the journey.


1. Reena's million-dollar advertising budget
2. Million-dollar education, free
3. Tips for new affiliates
4. Thought for today: Learning and unlearning

Spy on super affiliates for only $4.95

Associate Programs Newletter #359

Brad Callen sells his Affiliate Elite software for $176 and then $39 a month. He's given me the chance to let you access it for only $4.95. That's NOT a misprint.

AdSense bamboozles AdSense expert

Associate Programs Newsletter #358                   

In case you've been misled over the latest changes at AdSense, you need to read this newsletter.

Also, Neil Shearing has accidentally stumbled on a simple way of creating a site which generated its first affiliate sale in only 10 days and generated nearly $4,000 in affiliate sales in its first month. This is must-read stuff.


1. AdSense bamboozles AdSense expert
2. Cash in 10 days
3. Thought for today: Communication skills

Keyword research tool review Part 2

Associate Programs Newsletter #357

Have you tried the new free AdCenter keyword research tool? Craig is getting VERY enthusiastic about it. Here's the second article in the review series he's doing.

Plus a chance to get $50 worth of clicks...


1. Keyword research review - Part 2, lateral searches
2. $50 worth of clicks
3. Achieving your childhood dreams
4. Hiring employees versus outsourcing
5. Want to comment?
6. Thought for today: Brick walls

Conquering adversity

Associate Programs Newsletter #356

I have a compelling audio interview for you today. Steve Madigan was so ill he couldn't even type, but now he's earning $1,000 a month. There's also a free way to get links and a keyword research tool that surprises our new reviewer.


1. How Steve Madigan conquered adversity
2. Not sure if it's worth it?
3. Quick way to get links to your site
4. New keyword research tool surprisingly useful
5. Thought for today: Adversity

Time to start delegating

Associate Programs Newsletter #355

If you haven't hired your first assistant, perhaps it's time you started planning for the day when you will. Even if you start really small, delegating a few tasks to a neighbor's kid for a bit of pocket money, you'll find it improves your business and frees you to do things you enjoy doing.


1. 10 ways to find online assistants
2. Have you joined the new affiliate network?
3. Thought for today: Employees

One thing rich marketers have in common

Associate Programs Newsletter #354

I hope "rich marketers" gets through email filters, because that's what this edition is about - the one thing they have in common.
You can do it, too.

1. One thing rich marketers have in common
2. The "Do this, then do this" way
3. Thought for today: First products

Recharging batteries and setting goals

Associate Programs Newsletter #353

Are you determined to make 2008 a better year than 2007? I've set my goals for the new year. Have you?


1. Recharging our batteries and setting goals
2. How one thing leads to another
3. Two for the price of one
4. Thought for today: Your second wind

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