2008 Newsletters

Meet your new competitors - they're kids

Associate Programs Newsletter #400

Young kids are doing some remarkable things these days. They may soon be your competitors, so it makes sense to keep an eye on them.

You're not too late for the Christmas sales rush

Associate Programs Newsletter #399

Are you going to cash in on the Christmas rush this year? If you're quick, you still can.


1. You're not too late for the Christmas rush
2. Sites where shoppers feel comfortable
3. Thought for today: Worries

How to end your affiliate marketing confusion

Associate Programs Newsletter #398

Just a quick note before time runs out. After Jay wrote about AffiloBlueprint last week, their server was overloaded for half the day. So you might have missed getting it - or even seeing it. It IS worth getting.

Jay finally gets his wish

Associate Programs Newsletter #397

For a week or so, Jay has been buzzing with excitement over something new. I'll let him tell you about it in his own words...

What people want

Associate Programs Newsletter #396

Are you selling things that people really want? There's a site that shows you exactly what people want.


1.  What people want
    A site for powerful business idea brainstorming
2. Have you made YOUR Big Life List?
3. Passion, profits and purpose - how to get them
4. Thought for today: Growing

Are you living life to the fullest?

Associate Programs Newsletter #395

Every now and again a book comes along that excites and inspires me. This is one of those times...


1. Are you living life to the fullest?
2. Important links on AssociatePrograms.com
3. Thought for today: Extraordinary things

Life-changing new book FREE

Associate Programs Newsletter #394

They call it "moving the free line". It's all about giving away extremely useful information or products. Now Yanik Silver is doing it, with freebies too good to ignore.


1. Life-changing new book free
2. Do you take vacations?
3. Important links on AssociatePrograms.com
4. Thought for today: An extraordinary life

Voting for freedom, fun and profit

Associate Programs Newsletter #393

Just a very quick heads up...

Self-made millionaire Yanik Silver has released a new free video, How to be a Maverick Entrepreneur. It's all about his philosophy of...

A report for tough times

Associate Programs Newsletter #392

As they say, when things get tough, the tough get going. Today I look at two ways to get going - two ways to generate revenue streams.
And Reena looks at a new spy tool.


1. Quick earners for people who don't know how
2. A membership site in 12 minutes
3. New PPC spy tool
4. Thought for today: tough times

A record label for info products

Associate Programs Newsletter #391

I just heard from Allan. He emailed me from Paris and told me that he was exhausted and needed a holiday to get over this holiday.

Anyway, back at the coal face, I'm continuing my series showing you my top 3 favorite online business models.

Robust business model for turbulent times

Associate Programs Newsletter #390

I'm continuing my series that outlines my top 3 favorite online business models. See if this week's one is up your alley.


1. Jay's Top 3 Business Models - #2
2. Free "Affiliate Marketing Mastery" Webinar
3. PPC Classroom problems and a $5000 make-up
4. Thought for today: Opportunity in danger

PPC Classroom strategies questioned

Associate Programs Newsletter #389

The PPC Classroom 2.0 course has just launched with some quick mover bonuses. Here are answers to the common questions we've been asked about the course.

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