2007 Newsletters

How to add a sparkle to your eye

Associate Programs Newsletter #352

An old friend of mine has a new sparkle in his eye - no, not because of a woman, it's because of his enthusiasm for a new project he's working on. Here's how to get a sparkle in your eye...


1. How to put a sparkle in your eye
2. Get Site Build It at the best possible price
3. Progress report
4. Crackdown on deceptive advertising
5. Thought for today: Energy

Is Ewen Chia world's top super affiliate?

Associate Programs Newsletter #351

Ewen Chia is promoting himself as the world's No.1 super affiliate. Is he?


1. Is Ewen really the world's No.1 super affiliate?
2. Do you want a trickle or explosive growth?
3. Did you see our "Employees wanted" ad?
4. Welcome, new readers
5. Thought for today: Who we are

Would you like to work for us?

Associate Programs Newsletter #350

We've just received the keys to our new office, so we're celebrating - and we're hiring.
Also, I've been looking at Alok Jain's projects for generating fast revenue.


1. We're setting up a new office
2. Would you like to work for us?
3. Alok's Project Quick Cash
4. Problem joining affiliate forum?
5. Tips for new affiliates
6. Thought for today: Potential

New ClickBank competitor

Associate Programs Newsletter #349

Just a quick newsletter to let you know there's a new ClickBank competitor that has no set-up fee. It has features you won't see at ClickBank or PayDotCom.


1. New ClickBank competitor has no set-up fee
2. What do you think of Click2Sell?
3. Tips for new affiliates
4. Thought for today: Competition

The $1.67 million video

Associate Programs Newsletter #348

Every now and again you see some fairly astounding stories of affiliates' successes. Here's a guy who's willing to show his "proof" of how much he's generating from some of his ClickBank accounts... It's $4,584 a DAY.


1. The $1.67 million video
2. Google pounces on PayPerPost members
3. We're back in beautiful New Zealand
4. Thought for today: Tomorrow

Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate

Associate Programs Newsletter #347

Chris Rempel describes himself as a "lazy" super affiliate. For a lazy man, he's managed to accomplish an awful lot.


1. Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate
2. Thought for today: A magical effect

One of the dumbest things I ever did

Associate Programs Newsletter #346      

Confession time. I reckon this is one of the worst decisions I ever made online. Who knows? Maybe you can learn from it.


1. One of the dumbest things I ever did
2. Ah, but what CAUSED the failure?
3. Thought for today: Quitting

Non-techie way of getting your own store

Associate Programs Newsletter #345

Stefan Everaet has taken all the techie work out of building affiliate datafeed stores. You can quickly have a store promoting hundreds of affiliate products, and then customize it in all sorts of ways to make it unique.


1. Non-techie way of getting your own store
   Datafeeds for the technically challenged
2. Will the stores be thin affiliates?
3. New ways to spy on your competitors
4. Thought for today: Who's behind you?

$800 a month NOT from affiliate programs

Associate Programs Newsletter #344

Here's an affiliate who's tapped into an extra revenue stream that generates $800 a month. However, Google's get-tougher attitude could be a fly in the ointment for future earnings.

1. $800 a month NOT from affiliate commissions
2. Google gets tougher on paid links, directories
3. $20,000 in 20 days challenge
4. Thought for today: You're right

Facebook huge opportunity for affiliates

Associate Programs Newsletter #343

As Facebook grows explosively, savvy affiliates have spotted the huge potential. Shareasale CEO Brian Littleton and super affiliate Amit Mehta are among those who are excited by the opportunity for affiliates to build a "powerhouse brand".


1. Facebook a huge opportunity for affiliates
2. At last, we have a dedicated server
3. Are you new to affiliate programs?
4. Thought for today: Can it be done?

Payment plan for PPC training

Associate Programs Newsletter #342

If you wanted to get the PPC training I mentioned the other day but were put off by the cost, I've some good news for you.
Also, residual revenue streams - a smart way of doing affiliate marketing.


1. Payment plan for PPC training
2. Three ways I earn residual revenue
3. Thought for today: Greatest discovery

An Ah-ha moment in affiliate marketing

Associate Programs Newsletter #341

Do the work once, get paid over and over again...

Here's a guy who's an absolute whizz at creating residual revenue streams.


1. An "Ah-ha!" moment in affiliate marketing
2. Coming soon
3. Thought for today: What we do

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