2006 Newsletters

Fantastic gift for 24 hours

Associate Programs Newsletter #315

I'm playing Santa. It might be a little late, but it's a goodie. How would you like a no-catches gift of a domain name, lifetime web hosting and more? Read on...


1. Fantastic gift: Free hosting, domain, ebook, webinar
...available for 24 hours only
2. AdSense gets tough over graphics near ads
3. Get the suite of tools my assistants use
4. COMING SOON: If I were starting again
5. Thought for today: Christmas

Traffic source outperforms AdWords

Associate Programs Newsletter #314

Here's a double dose of really good news to brighten up your holiday season. First, there's a traffic source which is outperforming Google AdWords for one of the Internet's top affiliates.

Also, it's "Ho Ho Ho" time for Site Build It! - the buy one, get one free holiday special has begun.


1. Traffic source outperforms Google Adwords
2. Two for 1 SBI holiday special
3. Thought for today: Learning

Turning a hobby into a business

Associate Programs Newsletter #313

Whether you're seeking a little success or working on big successes, today's newsletter has something for you.

1. Turning a hobby into a business
2. Double your PPC profits while halving your costs
3. It's good to be back
4. Study a winning method - take the video tour
5. Gems from our affiliate forums
6. Thought for today: Why you must not stand still

Your ebook publishing business

Associate Programs Newsletter #312

Do you want to sell your own ebooks, or even create a whole ebook publishing business? Having you been thinking about adding a new revenue stream to an existing business or creating a whole new business? Suddenly, it's a whole lot easier.

Tapping into other traffic Part 5

Associate Programs Newsletter #311

The Squeeze Page Myth and more ways to tap into other people's traffic are covered today...


1. Tapping into other people's traffic - Part 5
2. The Squeeze Page Myth
3. Strange AdSense CTR problem
4. Coming soon... More ways to tap into other traffic
5. Thought for today: So what?

Tapping into other traffic Part 4

Associate Programs Newsletter #310

I love the topic of tapping into other people's traffic. It's all about leverage, about building your business by using other people's skills and knowledge.


1. Tapping into other traffic - Part 4
   ...by racing to new blog posts
2. You can tap into other traffic
   ...by forming strategic partnerships
3. Any more "tapping into" examples?
4. At last - you can advertise on AssociatePrograms.com
5. Affiliate links banned on MySpace
6. Thought for today: What you believe

The book MySpace want to ban

Associate Programs Newsletter #309                    

This stinks. I was planning to write about a MySpace book next week, but I've just learned that - because of MySpace's heavy-handed action -  it will probably be too late then. The book I was going to tell you about is called "MySpace Marketing Tips" - and MySpace wants to ban it.

Tapping into other traffic Part 3

Associate Programs Newsletter #308                   

Here are two more ways to tap into other people's traffic. Even if these ideas don't suit you exactly, perhaps they'll spark an idea you CAN use. You can get ahead much faster in affiliate marketing if you leverage other people's skills and other people's work.


1. Tapping into other people's traffic - Part 3
   ...Flipping a joint venture request
2. Tapping into other people's traffic
   ...and earning half the commissions
3. The last in this series?
4. How Ebay products add additional revenue stream
5. How to quickly build profitable lists
6. Are you new to affiliate programs?
7. Thought for today: Getting started

Tapping into other traffic Part 2

Associate Programs Newsletter #307                    

Life's too short. We don't have time to do all the work ourselves. One good way of getting other people to work for you - at no cost - is to tap into their traffic. This time, it's website traffic...

1. Tapping into other traffic - Part 2
2. Are you tapping into other traffic?
3. Google's free tool to optimize conversion rates
4. Can someone kill your rankings?
5. Thought for today: If you want to do something...

Tapping into other people's traffic

Associate Programs Newsletter #306                    

I love anything to do with leverage - using other people's time and energy instead of my own - to get me where I want to go. So I was fascinated to see how one smart affiliate is tapping into someone else's traffic.


1. Tapping into other people's traffic
2. Are YOU tapping into other people's traffic?
3. Do you over-complicate things?
4. How to fix your AdWords quality score
5. Thought for today: Your future

Comprehensive AdSense empire package

Associate Programs Newsletter #305

Just a quick note to make sure you've seen this ... Joel Comm, who earns more than $20k a month from AdSense, has released a whopping, comprehensive package to enable you to set up your own AdSense virtual real estate empire.

New way to get more AdSense clicks

Associate Programs Newsletter #304

If you've been online long enough to remember how banner blindness developed, you'll love Jay Young's brand new technique for encouraging more people to click on AdSense ads.


1. New way to get more clicks on AdSense ads
2. Ken Evoy gives away ANOTHER ebook
3. Seven easy ways to create bonuses
4. Thought for today: Quality of life

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