2005 Newsletters

Setting goals

Associate Programs Newsletter #277

It's at this time of the year when old friends and family see us and are reminded of the plans they drew up last year. They were going to be like us and have a business on the Internet. Oh, the dreams they had.

New affiliate manual

Associate Programs Newsletter #276


1. This is not for everyone
2. AdWords Dominator: Out-Googling Google
3. Are you overlooking this Google tip
4. Thinking of advertising in this newsletter?
     Read this unsolicited testimonial
5. Fortunes from type-in traffic
6. Thought for today: large leaps

Links to your site faster

Associate Programs Newsletter #275


1. How to get links to your site faster
2. New threat to duplicate content sites?
3. Create your own blog empire - Part 2
4. Intense interest in PLR articles
5. Coming soon
6. Thought for today: Your dream

PLR articles

Associate Programs Newsletter #274

1. 10 ways to use PLR articles
2. How did he do this - again?
3. Happy anniversary, Ralph
4. Thought for today: Chew fast

New article source

Associate Programs Newsletter #273

New sources of high quality articles...

Traffic secrets

Associate Programs Newsletter #272


1. How Jeff Walker creates buzz for new product
2. Viral marketing tips
3. Crash course in traffic generation
4. No-cost PDF creator and more
5. Preview tool for Chitika users
6. Truly superb forums
7. Thought for today: Killer weapon

Building blog empires

Associate Programs Newsletter #271


1. How to create your own blog empire
2. Yes, affiliates can upsell, too
3. Having a whale of a time
4. Getting started if you're broke
5. Have you got it yet?
6. Thought for today: How to aim

Niche websites

Associate Programs Newsletter #270


1. Would you like dozens of websites?
2. How to add your own twist
3. What we're doing
4. Thank you everyone
5. Disgusting spyware - and other news
6. Thought for today: Success

Keyword research tool

Associate Programs Newsletter #269

This is one of the most important newsletters I've written in more than seven years of newsletter publishing. Whatever kind of Internet business you own - affiliate, merchant, whatever - you need to read this.

Affiliate network challenge

Associate Programs Newsletter #268

1. Jay's now up to 21
2. JP takes on the big three affiliate networks
3. $100 SBI sale - fantastic value
4. New research on using ALT text for SEO
5. Help for Wordtracker users
6. Thought for today: Moving on

Choosing keyword research tool

Associate Programs Newsletter #267


1. How to choose the best keyword research tool
2. AdSense million dollar man
3. Does a truck deliver your AdSense check
4. Ready made niche content packages
5. How to make the best use of articles
6. ValueClick buys FastClick
7 Important stuff: How Google weeds out junk
8. Paydotcom grows
9. Underground videos nearly sold out
10. Thought for today: Courage

Soaring profits for Josh Kulp

Associate Programs Newsletter #266


1. Josh Kulp - from zero to $15k/month in 12 months
2. iFulfill's demise hits hundreds of clients
3. A tactic that works right now
4. Thought for today: What to read

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