2004 Newsletters

Site Build It success story

Associate Programs Newsletter #252

I know you're frantically busy with Christmas almost on us, so I'll make this success story update brief. If you do things right, revenue can keep rolling in long after you've finished the work. Here's an example...

Going the extra mile

Associate Programs Newsletter #251


1. Affiliates who go the extra mile
2. Neil's extra mile
3. Keith's "Baxter Grabber"
4. Anik Singal's Affiliate Upsell
5. The Nitro guys' Affiliate Upsell
6. How to get others to spread the word
7. A new, easy way to get reciprocal links
8. Thought for today: The extra mile

Coaching to build niche sites

Associate Programs Newsletter #250


1. Five-part formula creates 87 successful niche sites
2. Using affiliate links to build link popularity
3. Useful resource: JustZIPit
4. Thought for today: A good coach

Affiliate programs tutorial

Associate Programs Newsletter #249


1. What I'm telling our bookkeeper
      Affiliate Program Tutorial
2. Introducing an affiliate winner
3. Five ways to outmaneuver the merchants
4. NEW: Keywords Analyzer 3.07, a superb research tool
      - perfect for your new AdWords campaign
5. Bold introduction to affiliate programs
6. Updated articles at AssociatePrograms.com
7. A research tool that keeps improving
8. Thought for today: What you need

Interactive sales letter

Associate Programs Newsletter #248


1. Whew! Here's my first interactive sales letter
2. ISL - it's just teething problems
3. A newsletter I strongly recommend for all affiliates
4. Want to compete with CJ and LinkShare?
5.New affiliate networks
6. Thought for today: Determination

New Internet sales technique

Associate Programs Newsletter #247

There's a brand new Internet sales technique that's absolutely brilliant.

I recommend you drop everything and investigate it now.

Super affiliate secrets

Associate Programs Newsletter #246


1. See how 12 super affiliates earn their living
2. Thought for today: Life

Affiliate makes thousands

Associate Programs Newsletter #245


1. Affiliate makes thousands in first month
2. Keep up to date with the James Martell saga
3. Add income by adding links to songs?
4. Only for affiliates with a quirky sense of humor
5. Thought for today: Thinking...

Successful new ebook

Associate Programs Newsletter #244


1. How John Evans launched his ebook - brilliantly
2. I cringed when I read Tim's sales letter
3. Thought for today: The harder the conflict...

High rankings in Google

Associate Programs Newsletter #243

Today I describe how I create web pages that get high rankings in Google.

I use a fairly simple process that works for me.

One of the tricky things about publishing a newsletter is deciding who to write for. I hope this article isn't too basic. I'd love some feedback on it.


1. From nowhere to No.3 in Google in 4 days
2. You can give away Phil's movies
3. Remember TeknoSurf?
4. How to get a good, cheap logo
5. Thought for today: Success

Web success stories

Associate Programs Newsletter #242


1. Web success stories you can't put down
2. $250,000 affiliate shows you his best site - and more
3. New - a sort of AdSense competitor
4. Our vacation sparks two new goals
5. Thought for today: A good vacation

Recognizing opportunities

Associate Programs Newsletter #241


1. Smart affiliate jumps on Google IPO bandwagon
     ... and how we recognize opportunities
2. How to do PPC advertising cheaper and easier
3. Not as good as Wordtracker, but it's free
4. Useful resource: GoogleRankings.com
5. Thought for today: Do you tiptoe through life?

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