2002 Newsletters

Rupert's case study

Associate Programs Newsletter #214


1. At last - Rupert's Site Built It! case study
2. Froogle is stunning, but you can beat it
3. How a friend of mine gets No.1 rankings
4. Defamation case affects us all everywhere
5. Amazon to pay directly into bank accounts
6. Three networks sign Code of Conduct on scumware
7. Here's a good affiliate success story
8. CDNow ends its affiliate program, and other news
9. Survey of affiliate managers
10. Have you tried SpamCheck yet?
11. I answer questions on affiliate programs
12. Merchants who pay via PayPal
13. Thought for today: Affiliate marketing

How Rupert scores well in Google

Associate Programs Newsletter #213


1. Rupert's own site scores No.1 and No.2 in Google
2. Site Build It! case study nearly ready
3. Warning on clusters of affiliate mini-sites
4. Sumantra Roy an honest man who made mistakes
5. Link popularity complications
6. Affiliate managers urged to offer PayPal option
7. Remember, YOU make the rules
8. Be quick to grab the last ad spot
9. Thought for today: How to be boss

Sumantra Roy disappoints

Associate Programs Newsletter #212


1. Nice guy Sumantra Roy disappoints many
2. Converting affiliate links to boost link popularity
3. How to host 200 mini-sites for only $29
4. This is disgusting: You could be attacked next
5. Are your ClickBank commissions falling?
6. The "brightest and best" ezines
7. You can get a panel of experts - and more - for $1
8. Free resource: How to get free publicity
9. Thought for today: Climbing mountains

Boost conversion rates

Associate Programs Newsletter #211


1. 10 Ways to Gain Visitor Trust and Increase Your Conversion Rates
2. Chance to have your say on scumware
3. Search Term Suggestion Tool can mislead you
4. Four alternatives to AskMe.com
5. Bob Massa sues Google
6. Do it right, and the search engines love you
7. Useful free resource: Ad Tracking SuperTips
8. Thought for today: Big people and little people

Fraud ring hits affiliate program

Associate Programs Newsletter #210


1. Yahoo! You're No.1
2. Fraud ring hits Aesop.com
3. Quick profit from mini-site built in less than an hour
4. Rupert's traffic and sales rise
5. Protect your digital downloads from theft
6. What to do about commission hijacking
7. Wz.com closing, offers assets for sale
8. Be Free's Reporting.net revamp
9. Useful free resource: Web design course
10. Thought for today: It's not too late

Boost your link popularity

Associate Programs Newsletter #209


1. Your affiliates' links can boost your link popularity
2. A few oddities as Be Free improves Reporting.net
3. Read the WebSponsors contract carefully
4. New famous quotations site
5. Are you breaking the 90-day refund rule?
6. Flower.com fails to pay
7. Stefan writes advertising that works
8. Amazon changes help super affiliates most
9. Attempt to stop commission poaching
10. Useful free resource: Affiliate Intelligence
11. How super affiliates can harm your company
12. Thought for today: The soft-sell approach

Valuable website script

Associate Programs Newsletter #208


1. Awesome 404 script fixes problems on your site
2. Super affiliate earns $30,000 a month
3. Why themed-based content sites work beautifully
4. Useful free resource: World Time Server
5. Thought for today: Avoid over-analyzing

Themed websites

Associate Programs Newsletter #207


1. Debunking "themed web sites" theory
2. Don't abandon your one-subject web sites
3. Tell your non-performing affiliates about Rupert
4. First profit - after four years
5. URL frame forwarding: More questions than answers
6. How to buy keyword text link positions
7. What search engines think of meta refreshes
8. Free ebook: Short, sharp, mini-articles
9. Useful free resource: Keyword density checker
10. Thought for today: What's really important?

Stealth marketing techniques

Associate Programs Newsletter #206


1. ClickBank improvements aren't enough
2. "Search Engine Marketing" earns rave reviews
3. Stealth marketing avoids affiliate link turn-off
4. But is URL frame forwarding ethical?
5. Two cheaper options
6. Discover how to bootstrap your way to success
7. CJ drops two-tier program for new referrals
8. Success: A Spiritual Matter
9. NEXT ISSUE: Debunking "themed web sites" theory
10. Thought for today: a Universal Law

Protect your commissions

Associate Programs Newsletter #205


1. How affiliate merchants are failing us
2. Here's the bad news about protecting commissions
3. Affiliate Link Cloaker has flaw, too
4. The neat but imperfect solution I use - meta refreshes
5. Other anti-theft options
6. Why .htaccess redirects are better than meta refreshes
7. The best way to stop losing commissions?
8. NEXT ISSUE: More ways to use http://namesstick.com
9. Keep it simple when using SBI!
10. Popular articles you may have missed
11. Thought for today: Invest in self-education

Debunking a Google myth

Associate Programs Newsletter #204

If you think you need dozens of incoming links before Google will notice you, here's a pleasant surprise...


1. Debunking a Google myth
2. $100,000 a month from only 100 visitors a day
     PART 2: Now you can get the entire process
3. How to stop thieves from stealing your commissions
4. Why Fred Kelley spends $5,000 a year on domain names
5. An affiliate niche with few competitors
6. Useful free resource: ReallyBig.com
7. Thought for today: Laughing all the way...

Internet Marketing Super Conference

Associate Programs Newsletter #203


1. The truth about Internet marketing conferences
2. $100,000 a month from only 100 visitors a day
3. BigSeminar pays $500 commission
4. Beyond business cards
5. How Carfax boosts sales 50% in a year
6. AIS Media closes program, but has not closed down
7. Useful FREE resource: DeletedDomains.com
8. NEXT ISSUE: More SuperConference tips
9. Thought for today: Success

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