2001 Newsletters

Getting it right

Associate Programs Newsletter #188

Today I review the web site of an affiliate who is getting lots of things wrong. I hope you're not making the same mistakes.


1. Web site review - PART 1
    Don't let this happen to you
2. Scott Covert's banner ads work surprisingly well
3. LeadCrunch increases payout
4. Brilliant bargain: "Buy-1-Get-1 free"
5. Thought for today: A self-made man

Best ways to earn money

Associate Programs Newsletter #187

Today I answer the question: "What is the best way to earn money with affiliate programs?"

Wayne Porter explains how super affiliates generate sustainable revenue streams.


1. The best way to earn money with affiliate programs
2. Super affiliates - PART 5
    How to generate sustainable revenue streams
3. Make a note for next Christmas
4. We're in "Lord of the Rings" country
5. Thought for today: On being somebody

Defeating predatory advertising

Associate Programs Newsletter #186

This week we look at sneaky predatory advertising by WhenU, more super affiliate tactics from Wayne Porter, a new way to fight Ezula's TopText, and LookSmart's Site Promote.


1. Does your program appear on this affiliate blacklist?
2. One line of code stops predatory advertiser
3. Super affiliates - PART 4
    10 battle strategies of top affiliates
4. MYAP adds lifetime commissions module
5. Don't work too hard, Staples tells affiliates
6. DirectLeads sells affiliate tracking solution
7. LookSmart offers new way to get more traffic
8. Useful free resource: Niche marketing tips
9. Thought for today: When you ignore affiliates

Create your own software empire

Associate Programs Newsletter #185


1. Earn a $10,000 commission from one sale
2. How to build your own software empire
3. Kudosnet ceases operations
4. Super affiliates - PART 3
    Misconceptions about dealing with super affiliates
5. Why Google ratings can vary
6. 200 pay-per-click search engines, and other news
7. Sell Norton AntiVirus 2002 at huge discount
8. Useful free resource: Google Groups
9. Thought for today: Getting started

Affiliate heavyweights

Associate Programs Newsletter #184


1. Grab this powerful promotional tools combo
2. RewardShare pays 30% two-tier, lifetime commissions
3. How tight focus produces 10% click-throughs
4. Affiliate heavyweights - Part 2
    Do the math to improve your income
5. Dead e-mail addresses deleted
6. How Adam Boettiger lures extra subscribers
7. B&N drops exclusivity clause, and other news
8. Why I switched to Norton
9. Useful free resource: Google Groups
10. Thought for today: Your competition is in a funk

Super affiliates Part 1

Associate Programs Newsletter #183

Wayne Porter, the guest expert who wrote today's article on super affiliates, refers to affiliates who earn $2,000 to $10,000 a month as "emerging affiliates".

Wayne is Vice-President of Product Development at AffTrack, which tracked more than $90 million in affiliate sales in February.

If you're an "emerging affiliate", today's article may encourage you to investigate the next step.


1. Beware of the small print with .USA domain names
2. Super affiliates - PART 1
    Future affiliate models and how they work
3. CarPrices.com keeps paying its top affiliates
4. SmartShop fails to pay money owed
5. Amazon's author scheme a "sick joke"
6. Frames and IE 6 don't always mix well
7. Outpost completes merger
8. Overture results appearing at Yahoo!
9. Useful free resource: E-mail discussion lists
10. G'day mate - I'm an Aussie
11. Thought for today: A helping hand

Create profit from mini sites

Associate Programs Newsletter #182


1. Why I don't want these advertising dollars
2. How I earned an extra $1,288 using pop-unders
3. High school dropout creates profits from mini sites
4. "Give Amazon a break," says Joshua
5. Don't switch to another bookstore
6. Amazon loses market share to B&N
7. You can't just "install and forget" Amazon scripts
8. NextCard promises payouts as usual, and other news
9. Why some readers received multiple copies
10. Tracking without showing affiliate ID
11. NEXT WEEK: Techniques affiliate heavyweights use

Increase Amazon sales

Associate Programs Newsletter #181


1. Script helps you increase Amazon sales and commissions
2. 23 ways to increase sales from any affiliate program
3. E-mail opportunities you've probably overlooked
4. Five myths of the affiliate networks, and other news
5. I'm hiring but...
6. Popular articles you may have missed
7. Thought for today: The beginner's mind

Yahoo rankings

Associate Programs Newsletter #180

I'm delighted to announce that I have a major new sponsor, GoCollect, which is very appropriate as Christmas approaches.

Why not start a "Christmas Gift Ideas" page? GoCollect promises "the Web's widest collection of collectibles and gifts" and pays 13% commission.


1. Has Yahoo! clobbered your site?
2. FreeFiliate improvements coming soon
3. A better way to track PayPal sales
4. Doing our bit for the U.S. economy
5. PayPal rival offers to give you $10
6. eToys.com returns, and other news
7. CJ announces 3.2% conversion rate
8. Overture's new rules won't worry best sites
9. Only three Sponsor Spots still available
10. Read a chapter of Ralph Wilson's new book
11. Thought for today: Union of Amazon Affiliates

FreeFiliate review

Associate Programs Newsletter #179

While you're reading this, Joanna and I (with any luck) will be in Los Angeles, recovering from a 13.5-hour flight from Sydney. I hope the jet lag has worn off by the time we reach Mark Joyner's Guerrilla Marketing Boot Camp in Las Vegas.

This week I have an article by Shawn Collins, who is an affiliate and affiliate manager. He reviews of FreeFiliate, written from first-hand experience.


1. No free lunch, but FreeFiliate comes close
2. A swipe file you'll use again and again
3. How to track sales through PayPal
4. About.com shifts focus, and other news
5. Be Free's links meet new standards
6. New affiliate manual sells strongly
7. Thought for today: One priority above all others

New affiliate training manual

Associate Programs Newsletter #178


1. Discover the truth about affiliate programs
    ...a new training manual for affiliates
2. Get tough - and get paid - by non-paying merchants
3. "Surely, Sponsorships.net can pay me?"
4. Be Free still can't decide on eZula
5. My symbolic gesture against CJ
6. ClickBank lowers maximum commission
7. Will we see you at the Boot Camp?
8. FREE trial download - part of "MYSS! 2002"
9. Google's traffic soars, and other news
10. Relax in your favorite chair and enjoy Seth's book
11. Useful free resource: PC help, reference and test sites
12. Thought for today: Marketers' odd behavior

Predatory advertising

Associate Programs Newsletter #177

Thanks to all of you who wrote commenting on my item last week about the terrorist attack. Obviously, it's still at the forefront of our minds and will be for a long time to come.

As many of you have said, we can't let it crush us, so today's edition is a "getting back to business" one, with a mixture of good and bad news and some very interesting opportunities.


1. Be Free rewards predatory advertiser
2. How I made 103 sales in 4 days
3. iBoost won't pay Sponsorships.net affiliates
4. CarPrices.com months late with payouts
5. New Australian affiliate network attracts merchants
6. Create your own dating site
7. New LeadCrunch grows fast
8. CJ makes its links IE 6 and P3P compliant
9. New worm is dangerously different
10. How Slashdot survived the attack, and other news
11. Useful resources: September 11 links
12. Thought for today: Pessimists and optimists

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