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Special Virus Alert

Special Virus Alert - Associate Programs Newsletter

A new destructive virus is going the rounds. I don't usually send out virus warnings, but I just got caught and I don't want you to be.

Automated websites

Associate Programs Newsletter #107

Wow! I've just spend the last few hours studying Marlon Sanders' new "How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business". If you think the idea of automating your business is a dream, check this out. You'll be amazed.


1. Why I'm in such a good mood today
2. New Affiliate Union takes giant strides
3. Free long distance voice and video calls
4. New-look Bach has 56 pay-per-lead offers
5. Best branding expert on the planet
6. Shortest affiliate agreement on the planet?
7. 50% discount for Hawaii early birds
8. ROIbot adds yet another feature
9. Don't be a disappointed advertiser
10. Large Australian store pays 10% commission
11. List Partners will boost your subscriber numbers
12. New affiliate management software
13. Security hole found in Eudora
14. Thought for today: Why women want to be beautiful

Pay per click search engines website

Associate Programs Newsletter #106


1. Why I've grabbed another little niche
2. Places to get ideas for a niche
3. Affiliate Union is a good idea but . . .
4. Dispute Resolution Service
5. Hey bosses! Those pages should be secure
6. Be Free's Channel Cash works like a charm
7. Easy way to publish your own newsletter
8. Vstore goes international
9. Combining e-mail marketing with an affiliate program

Teach yourself book success

Associate Programs Newsletter #105

I love success stories. This week's is  about Shannon Anderson, who says her online business allows her to be "the only single stay-at-home mom I know".


1. "Teach-yourself" book led to online business
2. CJ's cheeky campaign wins support
3. Bigstep helps little guys compete
4. This little piggy goes to market
5. PromoMinder makes promotion easy
6. Calling New York affiliate program owners
7. Vstore offers toystore $10 incentive

Amateur or professional

Associate Programs Newsletter #104

Today's main article is about two different ways of promoting your online business - one idiotic, one brilliant. The choice is yours.


1. The amateur and the professional
2. Affiliate model doesn't make sense, says Iconomy
3. How to turn words into cash
4. Protect yourself from hard ball tactics
5. Open Directory even more important now
6. CollegeRecruiter earning power increases again
7. eToys - get a clue
8. The four types of affiliates
9. Intriguing site lures big traffic

Viral marketing tool

Associate Programs Newsletter #103

It's getting too cold in New Zealand now, so Joanna and I are back by the beach in Tuan, Queensland, Australia. We were delighted to find our bush garden in better shape than it was when we left. It's great having good neighbors.

Today's top story, "A viral marketing tool you can use", is about as fresh as it could possibly be. I learned about this only a few hours ago.


1. A viral marketing tool you can use
2. Tell eToys why you quit
3. ClickXchange two-tier program pays 5% forever
4. Affiliates paid for online and off-line orders
5. Create secure order forms instantly
6. Two must-have free e-mail courses

Suspect top level domains

Associate Programs Newsletter #102

Welcome to the new readers who subscribed since last week. Here's the fastest way I know to get you up to speed on how to make good money with affiliate programs ... Download the free Affiliate Masters Course. It's pure gold. No charge.


1. Don't be fooled by "new top level domain"
2. Domain registrar's nasty clause
3. Joker still seems to be cheapest
4. ClickFraud.com aims to ban cheaters
5. Why Jeff dropped the eToys program
6. Want to be a presenter at the Hawaii conference?
7. Respond says it will pay up
8. Top tips from Affiliate Force 2000
9. Create and sell your own info product

Affiliate program owners advice

Associate Programs Newsletter #101

I've updated my Top 10 best-sellers list again. Ken Evoy, the guy who helps affiliates more than anyone else on the Net, is back at the No.1 spot where he belongs. It's really almost magical how good this program is.


1. Gomez drops outrageous clause in contract
2. Dan Gray gets slashdotted
3. 12 lessons for affiliate program owners
4. The price of killing affiliate commissions
5. AddAce saves time and gets results
6. CJ's cheeky $50,000 giveaway
7. Respond's appalling "misunderstanding"
8. Warning on domain names sites
9. Situation vacant: Marketing Assistant
10. Odd Spot

Cheap domain name registration

Associate Programs Newsletter #100

Today is the 100th edition of the Associate Programs Newsletter. Joanna and I are celebrating by buying a third of an acre block of land on a hill overlooking a beach on the outskirts of Dunedin, New Zealand. It has an an awe-inspiring view of the beach, the rugged, sweeping coastline, and rolling green hills. Great for watching sunsets.


1. Why I bought 50 domain names today
2. Cheap places to register domain names
3. Killer tactics versus Mr Nice Guy
4. Ways to save on bank fees
5. Switch to CJ.com gets better results
6. PayPal and X.com merge
7. How to use search engines effectively
8. How I started, built and sold Rockersucks.com

New way to find domain names

Associate Programs Newsletter #99


1. ROIbot merger "just the base for something bigger"
2. iLynk's special tracking ignored
3. Help your visitors get whatever they want
4. Even cheaper domain names
5. New way to find domain names
6. ClickSupply.com pays 10% referral fee
7. How to create and sell a 10-page booklet in 10 days
8. List moderator watches out for referral links
9. Check your stats carefully
10. Affiliate payments go via X.com
11. Patent foolishness
12. Dotcom millionaire shares the wealth

2nd Ken Evoy book reviewed

Associate Programs Newsletter #98

Ken Evoy really is the Internet's champion OVER-deliverer. You're going to feel so good about recommending his latest product . . .


1. How to create, market and SELL your info product
    Ken Evoy's long-awaited second book
2. Now you earn lifetime commissions on TWO products
3. Vstore hits 200,000 store mark
4. Long URL trick doesn't work for all
5. Let's hope Amazon doesn't want enemies
6. Thank goodness for back-ups

Advertise like you mean it

Associate Programs Newsletter #97


1. Advertise . . . LIKE YOU MEAN IT!
2. Affiliates' competition ideas pour in
3. WebPosition's cheeky offer
4. Outletmall.com switches to 2 cents per click
5. Cheap buttons to promote your site
6. Enclose long URLs in brackets
7. Company promises superior following up
8. A few words add a big punch
9. Subscribers I didn't really have
10. More lucky winners of FREE banner advertising
11. Great business idea

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