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Double viral marketing

Associate Programs Newsletter #141

Mini-sites (Part 6)

I keep receiving useful feedback on affiliate mini-sites, so I'm continuing the topic this week. Site Build It!, double viral marketing and more...


1. Site Build It! helps super affiliates and newbies
2. Mini-sites for affiliates who don't know much HTML
3. Viral marketing? Now it's double viral marketing
4. Affiliates ask for better tracking statistics
5. Babyserv affiliates kept in the dark
6. Nexchange bites the dust
7. Italian company buys NetCreations
8. You can be paid for "trash" traffic
9. Four generations around our Christmas table
10. Thought for today: You're going to have to pay

Dream job for entrepreneur

Associate Programs Newsletter #140

Affiliate mini-sites (Part 5) "They sometimes work Big." I was planning to wrap up my series on affiliate mini-sites with one more article. However, now I don't need to. Paul Myers of TalkBiz News has summed them up beautifully.


1. Dream job for entrepreneur - high risk, low pay
2. eToys about to go eBroke?
3. GoTo.com relaxes its rules (2)
4. CompuBank reporting system "stinks"
5. Which affiliate merchant offers the best tracking?
6. Beliefnet, Jakes Freebies programs suspended
7. ValueClick to buy Z Media
8. Holiday reading for affiliates and managers
9. My health scare - be still, my heart!
    (but not too still)
10. Thought for today: When everybody's doing it

New affiliate network QuinStreet

Associate Programs Newsletter #139


A new affiliate network and
Researching affiliate mini-sites (Part 4)


1. New network offers premium products, high commissions
    - earn commissions while buying your Christmas presents
2. One way affiliate mini-sites pay for traffic
3. How to warm up your visitors
4. GoTo.com relaxes its rules for affiliates
5. Why CompuBank is popular with affiliates
6. Useful resources for online banking affiliates
7. How to avoid paying too much for clicks
8. Affiliate mini-site was "too successful"
9. Connie's coupon site earns nearly $1,000,000
10. Managers: how do you measure your affiliate program?
11. CJ to pay $2 for referring new affiliates
12. Learn while having a vacation in Hawaii
13. Dreamweaver helps you replace links quickly
14. Case study: Setting up an affiliate program

Mini sites get click back

Associate Programs Newsletter #138

My series on affiliate mini-sites has sparked fascinating letters from readers willing to reveal some of their best affiliate marketing tips.


1. Affiliate mini-site gets the "click-back"
2. How to buy domain names for only $10
3. Phil Wiley's mini-site adds value to a good offer
4. How to choose the best pay-per-click search engines
5. ValueClick buys onResponse network
6. American Express program - correction
7. Fast way to replace old links
8. Increasing hits by improving link popularity
9. Newbie Club First Website Builder
10. How to sell to teenagers
11. I found that article in Small Biz Backwire
12. Affiliate news headlines
13. Purchase of SiteSell looks good for affiliates
14. Thought for today: Going viral

Affiliate programs dumped

Associate Programs Newsletter #137

Joanna and I are back in beautiful Dunedin, in beautiful New Zealand's beautiful South Island. Today I'm continuing the series on affiliate mini-sites. Thank you to everyone who sent me tips on interesting affiliate mini-sites. Please keep them coming.


1. Affiliate banner achieves 14.5% click-through
    ... for a merchant who cares
2. More affiliate programs dumped
3. Researching affiliate mini-sites (Part 2)
    Think big
4. Busy little sites "monetize" everything
5. How to make your affiliate mini-site work even harder
6. Mini-sites help make Eva's traffic soar
7. Todd finds way to make malls search engine-friendly
8. $3,300 commission from $5 investment
9. How affiliate tracking works
10. Wotch.com slashes bounty to 10 cents per lead
11. How to side-step crashing and burning dot-coms
12. NEXT WEEK: Researching affiliate mini-sites (Part 3)
13. Thought for today: Don't blame your affiliates

Research affiliate mini sites

Associate Programs Newsletter #136

It's wonderful being "home" in New Zealand for the summer, being spoiled rotten by family whom we haven't seen for a year.


1. How to research affiliate mini-sites (Part 1)
2. What's right - and wrong - with affiliate mini-sites
3. Free web hosts
4. Why you really ought to be thinking ahead
5. GoCollect offers variety of incentives for affiliates
6. Crashing, burning dot-coms and you
7. Top affiliate earns $86,137 in a month
8. What ClubMom's top 10 affiliates earned
9. Easy way to contact CJ merchants
10. Why you have to read the small print - and other stories
11. NEXT WEEK: Researching affiliate mini-sites (Part 2)
12. Thought for today: Life is short

Mailloop helps Joe Malek make money

Associate Programs Newsletter #135

I've just seen a kookaburra snatch up a lizard on the deck outside my home office. The quick and the dead - just like business on the Internet. It will be a few months before we see a kookaburra again. Queensland, Australia, is getting too hot for us, so Joanna and I are heading to New Zealand for the summer - and to be with family for Christmas.


1. How Mailloop helps Joe Malek make over $100,000 a year
2. Founders of One and Only launch new program
    to help you track down old classmates
3. Get permission before you alter CJ links
4. Merchants leave affiliates floundering
5. Help affiliate merchants to help YOU
6. Next week: Researching mini-sites
7. Thought for today: Poorly filled niches

Affiliate loyalty

Associate Programs Newsletter #134

 Here's a great opportunity for subscribers of the Associate Programs Newsletter. It's an ebook written by a highly successful marketer, who reveals the secrets of scientific Internet advertising. This isn't just any old free book. He sells it for $29, but I've arranged for you to have it free.


1. How to make your affiliates enthusiastically loyal
2. You CAN refine your Commission Junction tracking
3. For Affiliate Managers Only
4. Affiliates should trust their gut feelings
5. Filemaker is much more than database software
6. PlugInGo now pays you $5 for joining
7. Restriction on PayPal program
8. CallWave acts fast to improve agreement
9. Affiliate marketing case study
10. Merchant tip: How to find more good affiliates

000Domains affiliate program

Associate Programs Newsletter #133

This week I look at some good affiliate merchants which can't seem to get the details right.


1. PayPal goes international - almost
2. 000Domains.com: superb service, awful affiliate program
3. Where the 000Domains affiliate program goes wrong
4. Two-tier commissions AND residual income
5. CallWave affiliates earn $20,000 a month
6. Highly acclaimed FileMaker pays 5% commission
7. Spam from ScooterCraze.com
8. Easy way to distribute your newsletter
9. Time-saving tip for affiliate merchants

7 Search engine tricks

Associate Programs Newsletter #132

I wrote this newsletter a day earlier than usual and scheduled it to go out at the normal time - while Joanna and I are hundreds of miles away visiting relatives and attending a wedding. Ain't technology wonderful?

Next week, I'll tell you about the good service I use to distribute this newsletter.


1. Seven tricks the search engines don't want you to know
2. Neil helps affiliate merchants get things right
3. How to choose the most effective marketing methods
4. Thought for today: Seeing the boom among the gloom

Learn from the winners

Associate Programs Newsletter #131


1. Learn from the winners - not the strugglers
2. More Internet marketing gems you need to know
3. FreeShop.com's new strategy
4. Banner tip for affiliate merchants
5. One and Only's aggressive new promotion
6. Thought for today: Protect yourself

One product affiliate sites

Associate Programs Newsletter #130

This weekend, Joanna and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years ago, we never imagined that one day our marriage would turn into a foursome - the two of us and two laptops. For a few days, we'll get our priorities right and turn it back into a twosome.


1. Never devote your site to one company's product line.
    Well, almost never...
2. How to write trash-proof news releases
3. How to get a $1,000 book free
4. Latest winners of free advertising
5. Banner hints for affiliate merchants
6. Thought for today: Write thank-you notes

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