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Complete guide to affiliate programs

Associate Programs Newsletter #87

Who needs a millennium bug to mess things up? I managed to get a special January 1, 2000, edition of this newsletter published AFTER midnight (New Zealand time) but the BEFORE midnight edition was struck by gremlins. I'm trying again, using a backup server. My humble apologies if you eventually receive an extra copy.


1. The Complete Guide to Associate and
     Affiliate Programs on the Net
2. Go2Net protects thief but not victim
3. Top three affiliates to win satellite TV system
4. CJ.com announces "university"
5. Alexa releases Amazon shopping tool
6. Has eToys seen sense at last? Not yet

Free link tracker

Associate Programs Newsletter #86

It's family time here in Dunedin, New Zealand. We've all just celebrated my mother-in-law's 81st birthday. Before we left for the restaurant, she proved she still has more than enough strength in her thumb to pop the cork off a bottle of bubbly. With Christmas Day only a few days away, the glorious disruptions and interruptions have begun early. I hope you're enjoying yours.

Merry Christmas!


1. A newsletter from the future
2. PlugInGo pays $500 referral fee
3. Merry Christmas! FREE Ultimate Link Tracker
4. Dash.com: Revenue at YOUR expense?
5. Shopping around for domain names
6. Winners of FREE banner advertising
7. Amazon.com's Bezos Time's Person of the Year
8. 11-year-old teaches Waterford Crystal a lesson

Give away software

Associate Programs Newsletter #85

1. First, you have an idea.
    Then you have to DO something
2. Conducent pays you for giving away software
3. Want to cash in on the aging baby boomers?
4. Earn $70 commissions on vehicles
5. I tried to do you a favor but . . .
6. You can switch to a cheaper registrar
7. Make your site stronger and win a Sony AIBO
8. Send real postcards with your graphic on them
9. How to automate sending checks
10. Earn $75 commissions on diamonds
11. DVDWave offers 40% off
12. New software helps surfers stay anonymous

Introducing PayPal

Associate Programs Newsletter #83

Special Edition

Imagine having all your affiliate commissions zapped regularly into your bank account. No waiting, no checks lost in the mail. Well, it's possible now, and the service is FREE, for you and for the merchant. I reckon that news deserves a Special Edition.


1. Beam me up money, Scotty - PayPal system
    save merchants thousands of dollars a month
2. You get paid $10 just for signing up
3. "You've got cash!"
    Refer-A-Friend bonus pays up to $1,000

Challenge to affiliate program managers

Associate Programs Newsletter #84

I almost overlooked my own anniversary. It seems a long, long time ago, but it's only one year since I "quit my day job" to concentrate full time on AssociatePrograms.com - I quit my day job.


1. Challenge to affiliate program managers
2. Who wants AffiliateUniverse.com?
3. Free enhancement for your site
4. Germans ahead with electronic transfers
5. Generic RealNames OK - if you pay enough
6. LinkShare and Be Free obtain patents
7. Proflowers doubles its commission rate
8. New virus disguised as a Y2K fix

Brilliant copywriting

Associate Programs Newsletter #82

I'm writing this in the spare room of my in-laws' house in Dunedin, in the beautiful South Island of  New Zealand where Joanna and I will be based for the southern summer. It's great to be back with Joanna's "Oldies" and their extended family. Uncle George, who paints landscapes and restores violins, has just arrived. It's time for me to go.


1. How's this for brilliant copywriting?
2. Brooks Brothers, Franklin Mint and more . . .
3. Are you REALLY getting a lifetime customer?
4. Dirty Tricks Department (4)
5. Viral marketing hits a new low

Make money with Vstore

Associate Programs Newsletter #81

On rare occasions I learn of something which is so special that it deserves a Special Edition of the Associate Programs Newsletter. This is one of those times.

Special Edition

At last! How to make money using Vstore
- quickly and easily

More dirty tricks

Associate Programs Newsletter #80

This week Joanna and I are in the "City of Sails", Auckland, New Zealand, where we are being spoiled rotten by my sister Liz and brother-in-law Lew. The fact that some guy in Texas had stolen my website didn't seem very important.


1. What I recommend for Christmas
2. Dirty Tricks Department (3)
3. How to search for thieves' handiwork
4. How to fool a search-and-replace thief
5. How to find out who a thief is
6. How to deal with thieves
7. Don't count on cookies forever
8. Your VStore store doesn't need cookies?
9. @watch keeps on tracking
10. CJ.com offers 90-day cookies
11. DirectLeads.com receives boost

Greedy affiliate merchants

Associate Programs Newsletter #79


1. ToysRus too greedy
2. Dirty Tricks Department (2)
3. Rick Beneteau uses Synergyx to sell e-book
4. Books.com swallowed up
5. How to prepare your pages for search engines

No more affiliates says Net Detective

Associate Programs Newsletter #78


1. No more affiliates, says Net Detective
2. Mature move shows respect for affiliates
3. Free way to keep track of WebSponsors links
4. Food.com pays out in three ways
5. One Minute Shopper promises lifetime value
6. What are the highest commission earners doing?
7. First e-book for Linux users
8. We're the biggest, says CJ.com
9. Dirty Tricks Department (1)
10. FDA drops in on affiliates
11. Focalex increases payout to 35 cents
12. FREE WebPage-O-Matic website builder
13. Mark Joyner offers "stampable freeware"

Which affiliate programs to promote

Associate Programs Newsletter #77


1. Which programs should I sell? And 17 reasons why
2. Refreshingly honest apology from Brian Welch
3. Affiliate Wire adds useful content
4. Affiliate programs book in German
5. Bookstores reviewed
6. WebSponsors sets the record straight
7. CJ.com adds search box
8. Has your site disappeared from AltaVista?
9. Who's right? Amazon or eToys?
10. Be Free announces IPO

How Scott Dieken made $11,000

Associate Programs Newsletter #76


1. How Scott Dieken made $11,000 net profit last month
2. Shoplets provide shopping in context
3. The World's Most Usable E-Commerce E-Zine
4. Vstore versus Affinia - why not try both?
5. Are freebies REALLY a good idea?
6. At last - Amazon.com provides online reporting
7. Hawaii keeps sounding better
8. Ooops

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