1998 Newsletters

Hundreds of hits

Associate Programs Newsletter #6


1. Hundreds of hits
2. Is this every geek's dream?
3. How NOT to ask for links
4. I'm going to earn a notebook computer
5. GTA-tech's free shopping cart
6. Free-Banners' explosive growth
7. Tell-a-Friend
8. 18% sign-up rate
9. Another complaint about alt.bookstore
10. Farewell to mrcdrom and Promote n Prosper
11. How to win friends - and traffic
12. Articles at AssociatePrograms.com

Corey Rudl: Internet marketing genius or ratbag?

Associate Programs Newsletter #5

This edition reviews Corey Rudl's Internet marketing course - the fastest selling marketing course on the Internet - and finds it raises a serious ethical dilemma.


1. CarPrices.com reacts fast to complaint
2. Switching between bookstores
3. URL 'Plates explains its policies
4. Corey Rudl gives me an ethical dilemma
5. Companies not recommended
6. You can recommend a few more companies
7. ARTUFRAME click-throughs
8. It's official. AssociatePrograms.com is Cool
9. Newsflash! Spree.com answers questions
10. Hacker controls Associate Programs Forum

Complaints about Spree

Associate Programs Newsletter #4


1. Newsletter is now published weekly
2. Complaints about Spree.com
3. A happy SIP
4. MUST: subscribe to affiliate-l mailing list
5. AssociateProgram.com's new sponsor
6. Free-Banners pays for sign-ups
7. Quick review of Corey Rudl's marketing course
8. Cheaper web hosts
9. Internet Scambusters
10. Designer Dick
11. More reliable tracking
12. Spree.com's new Movie Store
13. No spam, says TitanicPosters.com
14. This month's winner: Merle's World
15. New articles at AssociatePrograms.com

The art of site leveraging

Associate Programs Newsletter #3


1. The art of site leveraging
2. Generous 40% commission
3. 40 sign-ups in one day
4. Tracking click-throughs to ArtUFrame
5. What sales are generated by your listing?
6. Associate Programs Forum is working again
7. A message board that encourages return visits
8. It pays to think big
9. I'm just getting started
10. Why newsletters are good news
11. How to get started
12. Cookies can cut your profits
13. Gordon Currie is ill
14. 101 publicity ideas
15. How Betsy and Bob succeed
16. Beautiful design leads to bookstore
17. How to find web site themes
18. Advice on drafting associate programs
19. Advertisements top and bottom
20. Free web site evaluations
21. Why didn't you sign up?
22. WIN FREE BANNER ADVERTISING ... it's now even easier
23. Lucky winners for May
24. Why I started the Anti-Cancer Gift Shop

Building an online community

Associate Programs Newsletter #2


1. NEW! Associate Programs Forum
2. Spree.com's "up to 29%" commission
3. Letters from Spree.com partners
4. Building an Online Community - PART I
5. An offline marketing trick
6. Goldrush Tracking gets cautious approval
7. New option for running your own associate program
8. ValueClick changes rules constantly
9. One & Only keeps growing fast
10. Remember your signature
11. Is your site designed to sell?
12. What's your most important link?
13. Strong selling position
14. Please! Don't just pile up lots of banners
15. Find a less crowded field
16. Write-ups work better than banners
17. Free shopping cart system
18. Is your newsletter on the A-List?
19. Newsletter about newsletters
20. Australia's best search engine gets better
21. LavaMind gets it right - and wrong
22. April's lucky winner
23. Special - just for subscribers
24. High-quality marketing workshops
25. Banner ads that work
26. New articles at http://www.AssociatePrograms.com
27. I resisted until now ...

Setting up your associate bookstore

Associate Programs Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first issue of Associate Programs Newsletter. It examines affiliate/commission programs and how to market them successfully.


1. Introduction
 2. Setting Up Your Associate Bookstore
    How to Produce Traffic and Income - PART I
 3. How a jokester laughs all the way to the bank
 4. Lots of little paths all pointing to One & Only
 5. Why OakNet Publishing Company distributes this newsletter
 6. Autoresponders:   The stuff that dreams are made of.
 7. Spreester's clever marketing tactic
 8. John Audette reacts fast to criticism
 9. Web Cards a handy little earner
10. Articles at AssociatePrograms.com

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