Improving Sales

Promo Dashboard review

Marlon Sanders' new Promo Dashboard is a point and click, organized way to build an email list, promote your own products or affiliate products and achieve sales. Like his other popular "Dashboard" products, it provides a simple system to follow.

The 5 key components of exponential profits

If you want to make a lot of money online you need to get a good understanding of the elements that work together in synergy to make the big profits possible. The individual pieces of the puzzle that can turn what might appear to be a loser into something very profitable. I give a powerful example of this theory in practice.

Double your site income

Doubling or trebling your website income isn't too hard. Let me share with you a lesson that was driven home to me recently. It made me change the way I think about making money online.

Improving customer responsiveness and sales with email SMS

I use email SMS to improve responsiveness to web-based inquiries, thereby improving customer satisfaction and sales. In this article, I describe how I do it.

Smarter affiliate links - a case study

This article explains how the need to link a new domain name to an existing web-based email service led to the development of a system to develop smarter affiliate links. This system, which anyone with a domain name can easily implement, has led the author to dramatically increase affiliate conversion rates while building a brand and retaining visitors within the author's domains.

How web video boosts SiteSell sales

Here's the inside story on how web video has dramatically boosted sales at SiteSell, generating larger sales for SiteSell and larger commissions for SiteSell affiliates.

Affiliate Bonus Manager review

Affiliates can now give bonuses instantly and automatically with ClickBank products they are promoting. This is a very powerful - and now much easier - way of increasing your sales and affiliates commissions.

Make Your Words Sell review

Make Your Words Sell! is the definitive guide to Internet copywriting by Joe Robson with Ken Evoy. Learn the gentle art of e-persuasion. [UPDATE: This book is now free.]

TOC as a selling tool

A TOC - table of contents - can be used as a promotional tool to entice people to buy a product.

Best two-tier affiliate programs

Two-tier affiliate programs reward you for signing up sub-affiliates. As well as earning commissions on your sales, you earn commissions on their sales.

Preselling a misunderstood skill

Preselling is a vital skill all affiliates must have. It involves warming up your website visitors, getting them in a ready-to-buy frame of mind before you send them to a merchant's site.

A highly successful sales letter

Tim Warnock explains why his highly successful sales letter works so effectively.

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