Getting Publicity

Affiliate marketing with articles still works

An expert article marketer shares the top 10 most important considerations when marketing affiliate products with articles.

Creating buzz 1998 style

In 1998 when I started, I created an informal "Special Friends Club" which help spread the word and create buzz around the Internet.

Using a press release

Using a press release can be a highly effective way to get a rush of visitors fast to your website. One of the most popular ways to do this online is to use the PRWeb service, which offers free and paid versions.

Here's how one website owner used the PRWeb service to publicize her website, and the pleasing results she received...

A big marketing mistake

Let me share with you the one marketing mistake that Victoria's Secret will NEVER make.

Brandable ebooks

Brandable ebooks are a terrific way to boost your affiliate income and reputation. They get other people to spread the word about your site.

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