Plausible Lies Blog Spammers Tell

Are you confident you know how to recognize comment spam? Have a look at the deceptive examples I discovered that appear on 3 million and 4 million websites.

How many of them appear on YOUR blog?

Some of them fooled me. Are the blog spammers fooling you?

How to promote affiliate products from your blog

How to make money from affiliate commissions, by using your blog to its true potential.

The right way to use blogs for affiliate marketing

In response to Allan Gardyne's newsletter item about blogging and affiliate marketing ("Are You Wasting Time Blogging?") I felt I had to chime in and offer my experiences.

I blog at and I make about $2000 USD a month via affiliate products. Here's my advice if you choose to use a blog as part of your affiliate marketing arsenal.

7 ways to use blogging to increase your affiliate income

Can you use a blog to help you increase your affiliate income? Of course you can. Blogs can be used by businesses of any size to enhance the overall value of a site to its visitors, not to mention increasing its traffic. Here are a few ideas you can use to create a blog that helps you sell.

How WordPress outguns Blogger

A number of Internet marketers have discovered to their horror that Blogger has suddenly deleted their blogs. That's just one of five important reasons why WordPress is a better choice than Blogger.

Blogging to the Bank review

Rob Benwell has been blogging for only a few months, but he's devised a simple system which he uses to earn up to $516 a day from a network of blogs.

Lively affiliate blogs

Affiliate blogs are often lively sources of marketing, news and opinion. Here are a few I think are worth keeping an eye on.

RSS feeds explained

An RSS feed can be used to attract new visitors to your site, new subscribers to your newsletter, and new readers to your blog.

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