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IWriter Review: iWriter From The Inside

iwriter-logo.GIFIf you want to hire an article writer, or if you want to be paid for writing articles, iWriter is a good choice.

This review of iWriter gives you a look at the system from two perspectives.

Article Writing Techniques for Affiliate Marketers

article writing techniquesArticle writing is one of the most commonly promoted methods for building backlinks and if written correctly, attracting direct traffic.  So what is the quickest, most reliable way of writing an article that will get traffic and bring you business?

Here is the article writing technique that I use. I have developed it based upon my experience, things I have read and tested, and my time poor lifestyle.

How to stretch your content further

Writing content is here to stay. It’s still the only real way that search engines can match search terms to your web site. But let’s face it. Creating content is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Some find it downright painful and after spending weeks of time perfecting their site have to go through it all over again to create unique articles for submission. With this problem in mind let’s have a look at how to maximize our time when writing content.

How To Post In 21 Different Ways on Your Blog

Finding the right writing technique for your blog post.

How You Can Maximize Your Productivity With Blog Post Writing

Find it hard to get "in the zone" when writing blog posts? Check out these tips for making sure that the time you spend writing is as productive as possible.

Create compelling content that leads to SALES

One of the biggest problems with many affiliate sites is that they're too ORDINARY. There's nothing remarkable about them. There's no compelling content.

Make Your Content PREsell is crucial to your online success

You may think you have the most super-duper site on the Web, but if you don't know or understand the concept of pre-selling, your affiliate business is doomed from the start.

Preselling a misunderstood skill

Preselling is a vital skill all affiliates must have. It involves warming up your website visitors, getting them in a ready-to-buy frame of mind before you send them to a merchant's site.

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