Monetizing A Site

Find sponsors for your tweets

Twitter influence is creating a new way for companies to reach potential consumers - now average users can profit from posting tweets. Are you missing out on this income opportunity?

Let Google pay you per click: 3 options for generating content

While you're waiting for your affiliate income to come through, you'll want to monetize your site, but don't skimp on the quality content. You still need to provide quality articles that keep visitors coming to your site.

The 5 key components of exponential profits

If you want to make a lot of money online you need to get a good understanding of the elements that work together in synergy to make the big profits possible. The individual pieces of the puzzle that can turn what might appear to be a loser into something very profitable. I give a powerful example of this theory in practice.

Double your site income

Doubling or trebling your website income isn't too hard. Let me share with you a lesson that was driven home to me recently. It made me change the way I think about making money online.

Add eBay products to your website or blog

This is the story, from conception to final solution, of a new method of monetization for content websites and blogs. It spans the last 24 months. What it led to is a way to bring all of the products listed on eBay that are relevant to the theme of your site into a targeted eBay affiliate store you earn affiliate commissions from.

Preselling a misunderstood skill

Preselling is a vital skill all affiliates must have. It involves warming up your website visitors, getting them in a ready-to-buy frame of mind before you send them to a merchant's site.

How to boost your AdSense revenue

AdSense is a superb revenue generating opportunity for small, medium and large websites. Here's how to maximize your AdSense revenue.

EPC explained

EPC - earnings per click - is the ultimate test of how well an affiliate program is performing for you.

How to earn lifetime commissions

One important factor in my success as an affiliate involves carefully selecting the products I promote. In recent years, I've been paying more and more attention to programs that pay lifetime commissions. [Article updated 2011.]

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