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Groundbreaking SEO research the SEO gurus aren't telling you about

A new massive SEO study, involving 411 websites, a team of 149 people working more than 2,000 hours, and covering more than 100,000 data points, was recently completed. It's aim... to find out why some websites rank better than others in Google. The researchers studied which sites were affected - or not affected - by Google's string of Penguin and Panda algorithm changes.

Some of the results were predictable but others were surprising. The results are real need-to-know stuff for any website owner, but the SEO gurus aren't telling you about them.

Writing Better SEO Content for Your Affiliate Website

writing affiiate contentWriting an article or page for your website that is both interesting and SEO friendly can seem like a hard task if you don't think of yourself as a writer but it doesn't have to be.

Incorporating the keyword research that you've done into your articles but keeping it readable for humans can be as simple as starting out with a writing formula.

Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketers

Keywords form the basis of any SEO campaign. Knowing what keyword phrases people use when they're buying and which ones you can get the highest rankings for can make a huge difference to your sales and your workload.

But how do you choose the best keyword phrases? And how do you find the phrases that use buying words? Simple! Old fashioned keyword research. Find out how you can quickly build a list of 1000 phrases for which you may get great organic results.

What Google Wants From Affiliate Marketers

Google Affiliate Marketing UpdateLast week Google spilled the beans on how you can take advantage of their secret formula to get better rankings. They wrote an important post on their blog that I think all affiliate marketers need to know about.

Discover what Google has been thinking all this time and how you should plan your websites, develop your content and improve your marketing to increase traffic to your affiliate product sites. If you apply nothing else this year, apply this.

Google Wreaks Havoc Again

Over the past month you may have noticed the many changes going on with Google. One of the biggest ones has been the release of instant search. Basically this means that as you begin to type your search, Google “guesses” what you are looking for letter by letter based upon the most popular searches in their database.

Traffic Building

So you have your site set up, your sales copy written, your graphics looking all fancy and then… Nothing! Where are all those people who were supposed to come from Google in their millions to read your information and click your affiliate link?

Google Sandbox and Google TrustRank

Find out the difference between Google Sandbox and Google TrustRank and how to use and identify both.

Factors that get you higher search engine rank and PageRank

Learn the many and various factors that affect search engine rankings and PageRank and how these can be optimized to produce better SEO results, higher PageRank and increased website popularity.

Where to find good PLR articles

PLR articles, or private label rights articles, are a good way to add useful, interesting, search engine friendly content to your website.

Excessive crosslinking woes

Excessive crosslinking explained - and how I got a Yahoo! penalty lifted.

Using Google bombing

You can learn from Google bombing and use it to help your site rank highly in all three main search engines.

Artificial link structure explained

Search engines can identify artificial link structures and downgrade your sites severely because of them - with disastrous results.

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