PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising can be a good way to increase your affiliate commissions - or a way to lose money fast.

Affiliate Makes Good Living Promoting Kitchen Appliances

kevin.jpgWashing machines, dishwashers and ovens are among the products successfully promoted by affiliate Kevin Middleton - without any hard sell.

Kevin, who has been full-time affiliate marketing for four years, says that to succeed affiliates need to look for a edge over their competitors. He explains how he how he got started in affiliate marketing, and how his UK price comparison website has an edge over his competitors' sites.

Perry Marshall's New Book - Much More Than AdWords

perry_marshall.jpgThe Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, is about a whole lot more than using AdWords effectively.

I've been reading - well, actually studying and highlighting paragraphs in - the new third edition. I was surprised by the scope of this book. It's an instruction manual for Internet marketing success.

The PPC Affiliate Marketing Myth

You've probably seen the "death of" posts out there. "It's all over ... doom and gloom." Yes, Google has slapped thousands of PPC affiliate marketers and many more will have their account closed never to be reopened. However, Google does not have a personal vendetta against affiliates.

Plenty of Fish Advertising Tips

A step by step quick start guide for getting the most out of Plenty of Fish (POF) advertising. With about 2 billion page views every WEEK, this low cost alternative to PPC advertising could be the ideal place for you to promote your offer.

Is PPC dead for affiliate marketing?

I often chuckle a little when I hear some "gurus" spouting off that PPC is dead. It doesn't take a genius to see that this kind of talk is just ridiculous. Bring it on I say, because it's going to mean less competition and lower costs for the rest of us.

15 keyword research tips for PPC Marketing

Great keywords = Great profits

Each bid that you place on a keyword is an investment you make. Read through these tips and make sure you're bidding wisely, not betting on your keyword choices. Learn the different keyword variations you should be looking out for to find "gold mine" keywords and maximize your profits.

The 5 key components of exponential profits

If you want to make a lot of money online you need to get a good understanding of the elements that work together in synergy to make the big profits possible. The individual pieces of the puzzle that can turn what might appear to be a loser into something very profitable. I give a powerful example of this theory in practice.

To succeed with AdWords think differently

Being an affiliate in 2007 is not all it's cracked up to be. Take it from someone who knows - the products you promote, the ad groups you create, the pre-sell you choose ... it all has an impact on the level of success you attain as an affiliate.

The "old school" techniques that worked two years ago will not set you up for life ... not any more, with the level of competition being what it is.

And now for the solution...

Promote affiliate programs with PPC advertising

Pay-per-click advertising can be an effective way to promote affiliate program products. Discover how to know if pay-per-click advertising will work for you before you spend any money.

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