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IWriter Review: iWriter From The Inside

iwriter-logo.GIFIf you want to hire an article writer, or if you want to be paid for writing articles, iWriter is a good choice.

This review of iWriter gives you a look at the system from two perspectives.

10 Ways To Make Money With PLR Content

Check your computer hard drive: I bet you have PLR content hidden away, gathering virtual dust. If so, you’re not alone.

Plenty of marketers buy loads of PLR content but they never use it.

Turning Affiliate Articles Into Lifetime Income Streams

Half the battle with producing your first product is the writing and the good news is that you're only a couple of hours away from having your own original ebook or ecourse.

With your own product, you can build a list of subscribers who want to hear more from you about the niche that you're promoting. They would love you to send them interesting articles, affiliate offers and other goodies that satisfy their interests.

Did you realize that you can recycle your content writing one more time to help you get your list started? You can! Discover how to convert your articles into a list.

SBI vs Google Farmer - Ken Evoy's Response

Google FarmerKen Evoy's position on quality content is well known but how did SBI and the thousands of sites built following Ken's training fare in Google's Farmer update?

He puts forward his knowledge of the effects on some sites, what he thinks of Google and their approach to these changes, how to submit your site if you think you've been wronged and what you can do to ensure that you build a strong foundation for your affiliate website moving forward.

Is Article Marketing Dead Or Does It Still Have A Bright Future for Affiliate Marketers?

In recent days, there has been a virtual storm of opinions about Google's recent algorithm "adjustments". Nowhere else has this controversy caused more angst than in the article marketing space.

Dan Ho looks at what industry insiders are saying, what you can do and how to make sure that you don't get affected by this sort of change in the future.

Google Cleans House

google affiliate markeitngGoogle has slammed the door on a lot of sites in the past month with its new algorithm changes. What do those changes mean for your business? Have you protected yourself from getting "suboptimal" rankings?

Don't get swept out of the top search engine results when there are things you can do to protect your affiliate income.

Getting dropped is devastating if you make a lot of money out of a site.

How To Create A More Interactive Site With Guest Interviews

Find out how having interviews on your website helps you engage your visitors and make your site "stickier".

Let Your Visitors Create Your Web Content

Do you want your visitors to create hundreds or thousands of pages of web content for you? You don't need to spend a fortune to build a Web 2.0 platform. Affiliates are using a much simpler, cost-effective solution.

How To Increase Visitors With Interactive Websites

Are you losing eyeballs on your website? Find out how you can increase the stickiness of your site with these engagement devices and techniques.

How To Increase Sales With Your Copywriting

Find out what you need to have covered off with your copy writing to boost your website conversion rates.

5 Business-Boosting Ways To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

Find out how some not-so-optional extras can help boost conversions on your website.

How To Get Testimonials When You're Just Getting Started Online

Find out how you can get testimonials and reviews of your product when you've not yet started selling online! Even if you've not yet sold anything, these techniques will help you create powerful customer testimonials you can use to increase your credibility.

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