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Why Promoting Timeless Residual Products Is The Smart Way Do Affiliate Marketing

Here's a smart way to protect yourself Google's algorithm changes...

Promote evergreen, timeless products that pay you for the lifetime of your customers. Then even if your websites take a serious hit, you'll continue to earn commissions. Look as these real life examples...

Niche Profit Classroom Questions Answered

In response to the large number of questions I got to last week's review of our Niche Profit Classroom sites and their results, I've answered some of your questions.

I've tried to summarize sets of related questions by choosing just one so I can answer a few people at once.

Our Niche Profit Classroom Test Results Revealed

This week I reviewed our set of Niche Profit Classroom sites and the results made interesting reading.

Was I horrified or elated when I looked back over the 4 months since they were launched?

Discover the results… read on!

Niche Profit Classroom - NPC Review

$94,042 banked in your account each month? Greater profits are just one of the siren calls of selling to a specialized "niche" market that desperately wants your product and is willing to pay top dollar for it. Niche Profit Classroom is a hybrid offering from two niche marketing veterans Adam Short and Alen Sultanic. See inside NPC and learn how long-term profits are achievable (and automatable) for anyone.

Avoid the 8 mistakes of niche marketing

Directing your marketing towards a specialized niche can significantly boost the profits you bank. See why you can increase your long-term income with niche marketing and be aware of the 8 main pitfalls so you can avoid failure and be a successful niche marketer.

Create compelling content that leads to SALES

One of the biggest problems with many affiliate sites is that they're too ORDINARY. There's nothing remarkable about them. There's no compelling content.

Have you chosen the right affiliate marketing niche?

To increase your affiliate income, it's usually easier and quicker to improve an existing site than to start again, research and build a new one. However, you don't want to waste time on a dud. Here are 19 questions you can use to analyze the potential of your affiliate site.

Tiny steps to success

In the 10 years that I've been doing affiliate marketing full-time, the most powerful business lesson I've learned is that tiny, continuous improvements - tiny steps to success - eventually lead to dramatically high profits.

Affiliate marketing success starts with a good marketing plan

Achieving success on the Internet has everything to do with your daily regimen. Choosing a successful marketing plan and sticking to it is vital to your Internet marketing success. Today I will share with the plan I used to turn my internet marketing frown into a huge smile.

Inside view: Article marketing coaching

A student's inside view of Dan Ho's affiliate training program. How Dan spoonfeeds his students.

Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate review

Chris Rempel's ebook, Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate, takes a very logical overview of affiliate marketing. Chris describes how you can build a super affiliate business in which all the pieces tie together, so that each action you takes applies leverage and multiplies your sales and commissions.

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