Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Internet Marketing Success Sneaks Up On David Ralph

david-ralph.GIFAffiliate marketer David Ralph recently quit his well paying job to concentrate full-time on his websites.

It's a nice milestone for a marketer who describes himself as "just a beginner" and says, "I don't know HTML or CSS at all."

Couponing Hobby Becomes A Business

kim-rowley.GIFWhat started as a longtime couponing hobby turned into a full-time income and a prestigious affiliate marketing award for US based marketer Kim Rowley.

Originally, she made her coupon site just to share with family and friends, who in turn shared it with their families and friends.

Pat Flynn Interview: $50k A Month Affiliate

PatFlynn.GIF"Getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me." If you ever speak with successful affiliate marketer Pat Flynn about leaving his day job behind and getting started on the internet, you're sure to hear those words.

Persevere, says gambling affiliate Cameron Diamond

Cameron-Diamond.GIFCameron Diamond has created a string of affiliate websites in a tough niche. He chose to promote online bingo, casino games and gambling.

He learned the hard way that in affiliate marketing, riches often don't come quickly. However, he persevered and now earns a useful full-time income.

Travel Affiliate Loves His Affiliate Lifestyle

JohnEllistravelaffiliate.GIFAffiliate marketing is not a way to get rich quick - that was one of the biggest learning curves for successful affiliate marketer John Ellis.

John, who used to work in IT in the travel sector, was driven by a desire to be his own boss and to earn a bit of extra money each month when he decided to try affiliate marketing. Now he earns a full-time income...

Affiliate Makes Good Living Promoting Kitchen Appliances

kevin.jpgWashing machines, dishwashers and ovens are among the products successfully promoted by affiliate Kevin Middleton - without any hard sell.

Kevin, who has been full-time affiliate marketing for four years, says that to succeed affiliates need to look for a edge over their competitors. He explains how he how he got started in affiliate marketing, and how his UK price comparison website has an edge over his competitors' sites.

Affiliate Marketer Buys Home With His Online Earnings

elad-tamar.jpgElad Shippony, of Israel, isn't your typical affiliate marketer. He and his wife and three children now live in their new home, which was paid for COMPLETELY by his online earnings.

As they say, "Success leaves clues"...

How A Different Business Model Turned Failure Into Success

rob-cornish.GIFLondon based internet marketer Rob Cornish never wanted to be a sit on the beach kind of guy, but he yearned for a lifestyle that a nine-to-five job would never provide.

It was this desire that, in 2010, led him to start his own business in affiliate marketing.

Christine Turns Hobby Into Profitable Online Business

christine.GIFJewelry maker and mother of two Christine Gierer sees herself as a "very lazy marketer" who finds most promotional activities tedious and says she is "pretty bad" at creating revenue.

However, by turning her jewelry making hobby into an online business, she now earns more than twice what she used to earn at her full-time job.

Jacob, 14, gets 500 visitors a day and free publicity

Jacob-Arnott.GIFFourteen-year-old Jacob Arnott owns a website that averages 500 unique visitors a day. He has a team of 15 writers working for him - for NOTHING. He's also good at getting free publicity - in newspapers, and on TV and radio.

Not bad for a 14 year old - or anyone. I interviewed him to find out what he's doing.

Successful Affiliate: Becky Turner

Becky-Turner-90x111.jpgBecky Turner is not only a successful affiliate with a website that attracts 2 million visitors a year. She also has created her own product which she sells via ClickBank.

She earns about $4,500 to $5,000 a month and plans to double that. No doubt she will, because her sales are now increasing rapidly. [UPDATE: Becky's profit is now $7,000 a month.)

Affiliate Marketing Success Story

When I interviewed super affiliate Jeff Ostroff back in 2000, he was the No.1 affiliate, or in the top 10, of several affiliate programs.

Eleven years later, he's still going strong, now in a business partnership with two former co-workers. His main website gets 10,000 to 15,000 visitors a day.

In this new interview, he discusses why he's successful, and also talks about scammers, scrapers, high tech criminals, taking care where and how you advertise, and why his AdSense ads are so unobtrusive.

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