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auto blogging software reviewAuto blogging is an often-misused term. It conjures up images of spammers, poor quality content and useless websites. But this isn’t the truth! It's a very powerful tool that can free you from the daily grind of writing, take control of the search engines and improve your website by inserting new, quality content regularly.

I've discovered a powerful tool that will help you speed up your blogging by sequencing your posts and putting your site on automatic. It automates a task which would require hours of your time and completes the work for you in minutes. More importantly, it can use a range of sources from PLR and sets of articles to RSS feeds, ClickBank, Amazon and EzineArticles.

Better still, it's so easy to understand and use.

How Google's free tools make you pay

Whether you use Google free tools or even if you think you're safe because you don't, you need to read this article and be aware of how Google's collection and sharing of your data can hit you directly in the hip pocket. Nothing is free...

How to choose

Do you find it difficult to make decisions? Well, you now have a powerful new tool to help you make those important decisions in life, and best of all, it's FREE!

Free software

Here's some useful free software, including a very nifty research tool which gives you shortcuts to all sorts of online research.

Text Trust - In Text Google Trusts

I'm sure you've noticed what happens when you go to Google and do a search for, say, "affiliate" but accidentally type "affilaite". Google will ask you... Did you mean: affiliate? Fact: Google uses a spell checking system. Writer Joel Walsh goes even further...

Top Paying Keywords

Are you wondering what topic to choose for your next affiliate website? One sound approach is to build your site using valuable keywords, to increase the payouts you receive from AdSense.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone had compiled a massive list of valuable keywords? The good news ... someone has done exactly that.

Free SpamCheck spam filter

Check your newsletter with the free SpamCheck tool. See if it will pass spam filters.

Make Your Site Sell review

Make Your Site Sell! [UPDATE: It's now free.] is the absolutely essential manual for anyone selling anything online.

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