Zipf's principle revisited

In May 2008, I made an important discovery and applied it in a way that made succeeding at affiliate marketing as easy as it could be made - at least in my view.
That discovery was something we all intuitively know. It's called Zipf's Principle and it's simply an identification of human nature made by George Kingsley Zipf, a Harvard linguist.
Zipf's Principle, which I learned about in a book I was reading last year, simply states that humans will tend to take the path of least resistance to arrive at a result.
Pretty obvious, right? I mean, we're all guilty of doing it. So how did I apply this to taking previously unsuccessful affiliates and get them making money - fast?
After all, in affiliate marketing the result we want to achieve is making consistent sales. The commissions, of course, have to exceed our expenses so we make a profit.
So the result we truly want is making profits through sales, and we want to arrive at this result repeatedly with the least amount of effort expended.
Even disciplined and hard working people prefer to take the path of least resistance if possible, myself included.
That's why when I formally launched my affiliate marketing training service last year, I knew it had to be modeled after Zipf's Principle of least effort to maximize the number of success stories we wanted to create.
To accomplish this aim, my team members had to be willing to do as much of the work for our students as possible so that the students could focus on only one core activity: producing the content that was needed to drive the targeted traffic to their presell sites and then get the visitors over to the lifetime income programs we all promote in the system.
Because of the global economic rout, and based on my years of experience, I knew that the one traffic generation technique best suited for most people who haven't yet found success as an affiliate marketer was article marketing.
Two short reasons: it costs only time, and the results come fast.
I also knew article marketing had staying power because I had been doing it for years and it continues to work spectacularly well. In fact, I have now exceeded 400,000 targeted URL clicks from one article directory, generating a tremendous amount of sales in the process.
Yet so many people are unsuccessful at applying article marketing or ever achieve profitability in affiliate marketing.


Missing pieces of the puzzle

It's because they were missing the other pieces of the puzzle that my training service provides.

Over the last year, as the competition in the affiliate game heated up even more, my training service has adapted and become more sophisticated (but NOT more complicated).
We provide more and more of the tools people need to succeed at affiliate marketing and building sustainable and recurring income.
We do all of this in a way that allows the student to expend the least amount of effort.

Success stumbling blocks

For example, have any of the following four things ever held you back from succeeding as an affiliate marketer?             
1) Technical hurdles (nice web site design, FTP, hosting, video production, etc.).
2) Choosing the wrong affiliate program to promote - I'm simply going to define this as one that has a very limited income potential.
3) Picking lousy keywords - i.e., too competitive.
4) Writing boring, unmemorable presell copy.
These four things stump many affiliates who could otherwise be succeeding if these stumbling blocks were removed for them. And that's why we take care of all of these obstacles and remove them for the students.
Sidenote: Some students who come into our service do choose to build their own web sites to save themselves this extra fee. But more than half of our students choose to use our proven presells.
So, how has my training service evolved over the past year and continuously applied Zipf's Principle?
The rise of video marketing
As just one significant example, a year ago we didn't understand how to create videos and so we didn't use them on our presell sites. Now we have become highly adept at producing high quality videos shot specifically for our student presell sites.

These videos help position the affiliate products and give our student presell sites a professionalism that rises far above most of the bland sites you see in cyberspace.
You can't imagine the amount of time and effort that goes into learning how to master just this one aspect of our training - yet our students don't have to know how to do it whatsoever! No endless hours of trying to figure it out for themselves and having to buy all of the pricy software and tools that it requires.
On the contrary, our students keep sticking to the one activity that they are responsible for: creating the content on the keywords we continually provide for them and submitting them to the article directories.
They let us do the rest of the work by mastering complicated elements like video creation - and other methods of conversion boosting - so that they maximize the leverage of my team's considerable talents.

Other improvements
Ever get your articles rejected because the keyword density is too high? We've incorporated push-button keyword density tools to check before you submit.
Ever suffer writer's block and don't know how to come up with the beginnings to good article headlines, opening sentences, or strong concluding remarks for your articles?
We've created and incorporated ridiculously easy to use push-button scripts that allow our students to generate all of these to help get their creative juices flowing and overcome dreaded writer's block.
Look, I could continue telling you about my service and what we do to make affiliate marketing success as simple as possible, but I have a vested interest. You know that. That doesn't mean I'm wrong. It just means you're skeptical.
I understand that.
That's why with the permission of one of my students, I'm including a testimonial. This student, Tyler Martin, joined us at the very outset last year when Allan Gardyne first graciously profiled my service. Tyler has seen how our service has evolved since the beginning.
His experience with my service carries a lot more credibility than I could ever impart.

Tyler was not compensated for writing this. He is a current paying member of our service. If you decide to join us in your quest for online success, please say hi to him in the private forums.
He's a very helpful voice - well, that is, when he's not actually applying the system and making sales!
Before you read Tyler's words, I want to be very transparent and let you know this was not a "pure" unsolicited testimonial.
However, Tyler had emailed me in the past saying he felt he owed a great deal of his online success to our training service, and that if I ever wanted a testimonial, just ask.
Well, as I was writing this, I remembered his kind offer, and took him up on it.
Just understand that I did not tell him what to write or influence his words. These are his own feelings and thoughts.
What Tyler Martin, a student, had to say...
I have been a member (of Affiliate Article Writers) for a year. It's the longest I have been active with any Internet marketing membership by far - and I have been enrolled in too many to count.

What makes me stay?

The short answer - it works! I have made a nice residual income from two of the programs recommended and continue to ramp it up.

The more detailed answer and the best way to describe the membership is it's a "one stop shop", meaning:

  • You know the exact web page to use that converts to sales.
  • You know the exact affiliate program to promote that turns into lifetime commissions for each customer. The guys leading it are reachable, likable, knowledgeable and guys who walk the talk.
  • It's a perfect program for not only the person who wants to get their first affiliate sale but also the ambitious individual who wants to build a nice monthly income from home.

Why should you believe my testimonial? Well, perhaps you can relate. I am a cynical guy - I figure most of these Internet marketers have never made a dime other than selling "get rich schemes" to people. This program is not like that. If you put in the work, put in the effort - you will get results.
One last thing, it's a great feeling when you get several emails a day that say, "You Got A Sale." It's extra sweet when you get that message and you are out having fun with your family and friends. My hope is anyone who sincerely wants to earn an income from home and is willing to put in an effort - gives this membership a try today.

My wishes for your success,
Tyler Martin.

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July 8, 2009

Comments (3)

Said this on July 9, 2009 At 08:12 am
One knows they are in the right and safe place when you receive prompt and courteous responses from a successful internet marketer. I can certainly vouch for the excellent training I have been fortunate enough to come to know, learn and experience.

Led by such a gracious person, Mr. Dan Ho provides for many the hope and motivation needed when personal circumstances become grim. His honest and compassionate nature make him truly... one of a kind. Thank you for the great service and training you provide!

And to Mr. Allan Gardyne, another of my long held trustworthy sources you simply can't do without - thank you for the knowledge that you have so graciously shared with all of us throughout the years.
Said this on July 10, 2009 At 01:43 am
I had joined Dan's service early this year and can vouch for its effectiveness. This is the only program that has ever given any results to me after buying all the ebooks and programs that are launched by the gurus.

Just remember this is not a get rich quick scheme. Your results depend on how much effort you are willing to put in.
Said this on July 22, 2009 At 09:29 am
I think you're right on with providing guides for your trainees to generate articles to market. I try to offer a step by step guides for my readers to follow because it helps when you have a structure for writing to begin with. While I may offer an overall structure to get them started, I always encourage writers to be creative - try to always include some element of surprise, even if it is a little off the wall. People are engaged by unexpected inserts of humor or other witty language - this keeps people reading and eventually leads to a click.
I'm glad to hear about an affiliate marketing training program that actually works. Keep up the good work.

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