Your Affiliate Marketing Business Done For You

So, you’ve done your research, looked at all the different ways to make money online and come to the conclusion that affiliate marketing is the option that appeals to you the most. But where do you start? Here’s a really good option to consider…

Top affiliate marketer, Dan Ho, has an affiliate training program where he makes it as easy as possible for you to succeed… he’ll do it for you!

Here's what Dan will do...

  • Pick an affiliate product for you to promote (a good one that produces residual income).
  • Do the keyword research.
  • Provide tips, suggestions and keyword research via his email newsletter.
  • Provide training via weekly webinars which are recorded so you can watch them later if you miss out.
  • Answer all of your questions and help you on his private members' forum
  • And the BIG special deal for you!
  • As an optional extra, Dan is even offering to build your website for you, if you want him to.
  • That option includes high quality artwork, the presell content for the site, adding your unique affiliate links into your content, maintaining or upgrading links and content over time, and even putting in Google’s AdSense if you want to use that feature.

Dan's service is undergoing its first major revamp since their introduction of videos and autoresponders on presells. The traffic and sales for his students are still as strong as ever, but this is a proactive change, which as we know, tends towork better than reactive ones.

Here's what he's just added:

1) He is commissioning writers to create unique presell pages for each and every member who wants it. Even though it's a lot more work for them, Dan thinks it's going to help you far into the future.

2) In addition to this, after reach member receives their unique presell content, for a small upgrade charge, they will be connecting student presells with a WordPress blog. Members who opt to add the blog will get some unique ongoing content for their blog each month which they will allow you to add to your blog.

These are pretty big and exciting upgrades for current members and for future ones. It helps to ensure that Dan's system remains a long term, sustainable, affiliate marketing model to build and maintain passive income.

I don't think anyone else is offering to do so much for you to make sure that you have every chance of succeeding.

Sign up here...

Dan has been around online for a long time. He, Allan Gardyne and Phil Wiley were interviewed for a book, which is no longer on sale, about niche websites. In those days, Dan was already earning a five-figure monthly income as an affiliate, working about 20 hours a week. These days, his income is much larger.

Everyone has their specialty and Dan’s focus is on the choosing of a profitable niche and the best keywords and phrases to target that niche.

Believe me, Dan's a very smart guy. Before he became an affiliate, he traded the markets full-time for several years. And, as a coach, he has a clear, easy to understand writing and teaching style, which makes him a good person to learn from.

He has plenty of hands on experience, including four years as an SBI certified webmaster. That doesn’t mean, of course, that he won’t use other web building tools.  As well as SBI, he had been involved in real estate investing with a friend, Adam, who's the creator of a real estate course and speaks at clubs. That's how Dan met his first students - and also how he learned some lessons the hard way.

"It seemed everywhere I went, when the people I spoke with learned about what I did for a living - even at real estate investment clubs - they were fascinated and intrigued by Internet marketing, working at home, and building a passive income," Dan said. This feedback started him training a friend’s real estate students, in online marketing via a newsletter and weekly phone calls.
At first the training was fairly typical: "Here's how I succeeded, these are the tools I use, go out and buy them, etc."  At first though, only one student had any real success.
At around this time, Dan was reading a book by George Ross, Donald Trump's attorney and adviser who appears in the show “The Apprentice”. George made a very interesting point that made a major impression on him. He was discussing Zipf's Principle, which simply states that the more work you do to make a deal come together, the more likely you will pull off the deal..."

Applying that principle to what he was doing online, Dan realized that people really weren't succeeding even though they were getting good advice. It appeared to Dan that a lot of people are just not self-starting and were daunted by having to put all the pieces of the business together by themselves.

 In Dan’s words:

"So then I had an epiphany. I decided to incorporate Zipf's principle. On one of the training calls, I candidly asked who would be interested in building a passive income from home if I did most of the work for you. For example, would you be happy if I did all the keyword research for you; if I chose the affiliate programs we were to promote for you because I knew they were good and knew how to effectively promote them; that I told you exactly how to write and submit articles; and that I even built and hosted the website site for you.”
He decided that he would do it all for them so that the only effort they really had to expend was to actually write the content or hire someone to create it.

It was at this point that Dan’s training program changed forever. Everybody got excited. At the time, he had about 25 people on the weekly training calls and literally 20 of them signed up instantly.

He felt like he had found something that people really wanted – a business built with the least amount of effort expended on their part and being truly led by the hand. Dan was convinced he could get these students making money online.

For their first project, they started off promoting a company called Aquasana, which sells water purification systems, and which is listed in our site. He knew the company had great products and there was a passive element to the program as well which made it the ideal test case. Instant + ongoing cashflow!
"I had a discussion with the Vice President of the company that I was confident now that I could take total newbies and actually have them making sales in short order because I was doing most of the work for them. He was skeptical, of course, but he wished me well,” said Dan.

As he predicted, it was only a couple of weeks before the students were already making sales. These were people who knew nothing about Internet marketing and thought they would never make a sale online.

It was then that he wrote to the VP of Aquasana and said, “Go check. This student of mine has already made a sale.” Needless to say the VP was pretty impressed with the program and its students.
Dan believes that what he's offering is unique.

"This isn't just some new membership forum. I am training people through a webinar once a week. I think the results are a lot better because I'm interacting with the students intimately. They also get to hear the excitement from the other members who are also on the call each week and hear about the sales they are making.”
Of course, there is also training built into his newsletter where you get sent out the keywords that he researches for you as well as other tips and suggestions.
The second thing that makes this unique, of course, is that he is doing most of the work for you (at least the marketing part) and you literally just have to create the content under his direction.

In short, there is nothing left to chance for his students. He does the keywords, creates you sites if need be, pick your affiliate programs, tells you how to write the articles, or how to hire freelance writers.  So all that's left for you is the responsibility of the actual content or overseeing your freelance writer. He has even found the freelance writers for some of his students!
As Dan says, his training won't appeal to experts and those already making good money online.

"But for all those people who aren't at that level of success, and get stressed at the thought of doing all the work themselves, I firmly believe that this will be exactly what they are looking for."

"I am excited and convinced that this service is just the thing a lot of people are looking for ... and that, more importantly, people who follow through on their part of it (content creation) will be very happy with their results over time," Dan says.

"In a real way, if it weren't for, I wouldn't be where I am today," Dan said.

"I learned of SBI through AP many years ago and that was the pivotal moment that led up to everything I've accomplished in Internet marketing. I might have told you this years ago, but it bears repeating. I went on to personally train a close friend of mine who at the time was about to lose his job and now makes $300k at home per year, the vast majority from passive income affiliate programs. So, it's funny how a little action some years back can lead to a snowball effect that changes other people's lives in the way it has. And I hope this service I'm offering changes the lives of many more people to come."

This is a special offer just for readers of the Associate Programs Newsletter. Numbers will be limited. As you can imagine, with this sort of intensive help, Dan has to put a limit on the number accepted.

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October 18, 2010

Comments (2)

Said this on October 27, 2010 At 10:36 am
I can't recommend Dan's program enough. I have been using it myself for 3 years this coming May 2011. It is a fantastic program where Dan and his team really treat you right. After the personal communication between Dan and his students I think of Dan as a friend as much as a mentor. If you follow the program and do the work it is really impossible to fail.
Said this on November 10, 2010 At 02:37 am
good very good

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