Writing comments that bring traffic to your site

Almost every internet marketing website has a least one traffic building article that includes the following suggestion: "Leave comments."

This strategy will work, if you leave the right kind of comments on the right site. You've got to leave in-depth, but brief comments for this to work.

Too many people leave useless comments that rarely attract any attention. Or they'll leave thoughtful comments on sites that don't receive many visitors, or have been abandoned. Neither of these will help you get the traffic you need to your website.

The quality of your comment will determine whether or not a reader (potential future customer) will ultimately click the link you've left behind.

If you think you can get away with dropping in a quick sales pitch - forget it - and oh yeah, that's spam, by the way.  So don't do it.

You must take some time to read the blog post thoroughly before attempting to leave a comment. Too many people leave useless comments that they think are great just because they compliment the blog owner. Comments like, "Loved your post" or "Love your site" are a no-no!

No one, not even the blog owner, really gains anything from those types of comments. If you're not specific about what you loved, the blog owner won't know what it is, if anything, they should attempt to do again. Readers will also be clueless. If you haven't really even read the post, they might even be confused because they thought the post sucked. (And you probably would have, too if you had read it!)

What you should do is write comments that extends their post in some helpful way.  Useful and beneficial comments fall into 4 types:

  • Corrective
  • Addition
  • New perspective
  • Elaborative/Explanatory

Almost all good comments fall under one of these four categories. These are the kinds of comments that could really inspire a reader to click your link. They build your reputation and have the potential to bring more traffic to your site. 

For a step-by-step guide for writing compelling comments, read 4 Types of Comments That Bring More Website Traffic.

June 28, 2009

Comments (22)

Said this on June 29, 2009 At 09:19 am
On occasion Ive come across posts that I liked but couldn't specify exactly why, I just liked them. Though not as useful as the categories mentioned here, I'd rather leave a compliment on the post than no comment at all. For example, as of this moment no comments have been left on this post, though I find it to be an interesting one. With that said...

Loved your post.
Said this on July 2, 2009 At 03:54 am
Thanks, Kiesha, this article has been great food for thought. Although this response does not fit into one of your categories, I needed to articulate my gratefulness for your ideas. Unfortunately, I am unable to explore them further because Blogspot has been blocked here in China. If it is not asking too much, would you be able to send the blog entry to me by email?
Said this on July 5, 2009 At 02:42 pm
I don't know about others, but I really appreciated this article. I've been blogging for years and years now, and it aggravates me to no end to have to spend time deleting useless comments from my pages.
Said this on July 19, 2009 At 05:26 pm
I agree with Trina. I started using the power of blogging to market my website in April 2009, but hate it when I have to delete more than half the comments posted on my blog.

Fact is the comments I'm obliged to delete are either written in a foreign language, like Ukranian, which does not help me or the majority of my readers.

Sometimes I use the Google language translation tool to try and figure out if the message makes sense or not before I delete the message, but 99/100 the person who left the comment is just trying to advertise his furniture business, for example, on my site for FREE.

But if the translation is helpful to my readers, I put the translated message right under the foreign language message. It's extra work, but it helps.

Just wondering, though, if other readers also get the same type of comments on their blogs/websites.

Otherwise, leaving a meaningful message and a link back to your websites helps your business to grow.
Said this on July 22, 2009 At 09:36 am
Wow - I've never seen these types of comments written in other languages - although I think it's a sign that your site has global appeal and should be considered a compliment. I always try to look at the bright side of things! :o) I have had the experience where people have placed links to my site on their blogs and when I go to check it out I can't read it because it's in another language (I really hope they're good sites otherwise they might be draining my Google ranking...) Anyway, I applaud you for taking the time to translate those useful comments, it really shows your dedication.
Said this on August 2, 2009 At 03:04 am
Thanks a lot for a nice article. It will help me.
Said this on October 9, 2009 At 08:21 am
95% of your article submissions should be done automatically with software that will generate as many as you need from content that you find elsewhere, and submits it for you. In the odd occasion that you want to write something yourself, I
Said this on January 29, 2010 At 04:25 am
Hard to believe things nowdays...
Said this on April 29, 2010 At 06:39 am
Writing comments and reviews will bring more traffic to your sites and increases in page ranks.
Said this on May 18, 2010 At 03:51 am
great post...
Said this on May 22, 2010 At 07:55 am
firstly i would like to thank you for this amazing blog post. It really helped me, though i already had imagined that trick. Still, you enhanced my optimism and taught me some of the values that go together with this comment-trick.
Continue your great work
Said this on June 15, 2010 At 02:03 am
Excellent advice. I know how important it is to comment on other blogs. This article made me realize how much more important it really is! I
Said this on June 15, 2010 At 10:09 am
Hi Tech,
Thanks for your comment! I encourage you to give it a try, you'll be amazed by how many new connections you'll make. But don't think of it as a trick - think of it as an opportunity to genuinely share your knowledge and connect with other like-minded people.
Said this on August 17, 2010 At 05:14 am
U r do'ng awesome in seo post. Ur reasoning are too cool. It's helpfull post for webdesigner and seo. i'm also seo. so thank for it post. Good Job
Said this on September 3, 2010 At 09:07 pm
One addition I would suggest is a mini review comment. When you comment on articles that are reviews of products you can provide a comment that backs up the author and has a link to your website that sells the same product. Or, if you use a competitors product you can do a mini review comment that compares and contrasts your product with the one being reviewed. Again the link will go to your website that sells the competitive product.
Said this on October 27, 2010 At 11:05 am
Great tutorial dude! I can understand what you have to explain here because i regularly involved on commenting and responding activities. One thing i found most important that comments are quick method to get backlinks either sites are nofollow or dofollow. I don't stop commenting when i found nofollow blogs because at least they make a backlinks or relationship with site. It is very helpful.
Said this on January 30, 2011 At 09:08 am
I completely agree! It is extremely important that the comments are crisp, interesting and relative to the topic being discussed! The post highlights the importance of sensible back linking as opposed to useless spamming!
Said this on January 30, 2011 At 09:19 am
I agree! Great Tutorial! I do have reservations about no-follow links but by and large pursue my comments depending on the Page Rank of the site.
Said this on February 11, 2011 At 12:00 pm
one of those informative posts i get interested reading with. this is very helpful not just to bloggers but also to those readers out there. thanks a lot for sharing this one to us.
Said this on August 16, 2011 At 10:33 pm

One thing i found most important that comments are quick method to get backlinks either sites are nofollow or dofollow


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Said this on November 23, 2011 At 03:36 am

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Said this on March 21, 2012 At 07:45 am

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