Who is seeing your secrets?

Associate Programs Newsletter #429

Are your business secrets being used against you?

If you use Google free tools or even if you think you're safe because you don't, you need to read Reena Shohet's latest article. She warns you how Google's collection and sharing of your data can hit you directly in the hip pocket.

The hand that feeds you is also feeding your competitors, and when the owner of that hand has access to confidential information on everyone, and has already solicited your consent to use it for their own purposes, you'd be right to be nervous.

You may have let the fox into the henhouse...

How Google's free tools make you pay


Thought for today: The fox

"When the fox preaches, look to your geese." - German proverb.


All the best

Allan Gardyne

Photo credit: gingiber

September 24, 2009

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