Where to find good PLR articles

PLR articles, or private label rights articles, are a good way to add useful, interesting, search engine friendly content to your website.

If you're building a string of websites, or a large site, writing a blog or distributing articles to article libraries, you need a lot of articles.

It's time-consuming and tedious trying to research and write all those articles yourself.

You can hire writers at places such as elance and RentaCoder, but if you've tried that, you'll know it can be done but it's not as easy as it sounds.

So you need a workable shortcut.

To help website owners in this dilemma, several websites provide well researched, solidly written private label rights articles.

These membership sites enable you to get hundreds of PLR articles for as little as 15 cents or 20 cents each.

They're a fantastic bargain. I belong to several PLR article sites.

You don't want to use articles that thousands upon thousands of other sites are using, so membership to these PLR article sites is usually strictly limited.

Rewrite for best long-term results

If you join some of these membership sites, I strongly recommend that you do at least a little rewriting.

You'll want to tweak and optimize the articles to help search engines find them. Often the articles have not been written with any particular keyword density in mind.

This is a good thing. It's means your articles will be unique. You can also add your own tone and personality.

Some webmasters in a hurry take a minimalist approach, leaving the article untouched but write a brief introduction and then add a brief comment at the end.

Others use RSS feeds to add content to the pages.

The more original and unique your approach, the more likely you are to have good long-erm results.

Some rewrite up to 60% of the articles and others play it safe, merely using the articles for inspiration and totally rewriting them.

Whatever system you use, it's much easier improving a ready made article than writing a brand new one entirely from scratch.

Good sources of PLR articles

Here are some good sources of private label rights articles.

Food articles, recipes, etc. Every month, Wendy Cook will provide you with 30 new food articles, 30 new recipes, 5 product reviews, and a 5 to 10 page special report. You can use this special report as an incentive for people signing up for your mailing list, or as an incentive to buy something. Plus you get a professionally designed ecover graphic for your special report. You also get access to affiliate program recommendations and other resources to help you succeed with PLR content. I've seen inside this membership site and seen the quality. For anyone in the food niche, this is exceptional value.

Stefan Everaet provides very high quality articles each month, plus superb graphics. For example, topics covered have included weddings, web hosting, wine, credit cards, birds, dogs and cats. He provides not just articles but complete niche content packages. Stefan provides very high quality articles. I recommend this site. It's excellent value.

UPDATE: Now hugely improved. You can choose between several monthly subscription levels. For example, if you're interested only in travel, you can spend your credits only on travel-related content.
Full details here
Get a discount by using this link

Constant Content. Prices vary. I've seen prices from $5 to $75 for a unique article. If buy unique rights, the article is removed from the database. A counter shows you how many times the articles has been downloaded. New articles are added frequently. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can submit a request to the thousands of writers.

When you join any PLR article sites, be sure to read the terms carefully. They vary from site to site.

How to avoid duplicate content filters

Search engines inevitably are getting tougher and tougher on duplicate content. If you ignore this fact, you risk seeing a whole lot of your work go down the drain.

If you buy PLR articles never simply use them unchanged. That would be asking for trouble. Rewrite articles to avoid duplicate content filters.

For best long-term results, ALSO do your own research, add your own comments, add your own tone and personality, and make your site genuinely USEFUL so that people will want to recommend it.

UPDATED: July 1, 2012
December 20, 2005

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Comments (125)

Joe Morelli
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:14 am
Thanks for the great article Allan! If I may, I'd add two more PLR sites to your list:
I'm not affiliated with either site, but they are both great resources for quality PLR articles.
Joe Morelli
Said this on August 19, 2011 At 06:27 am

Hi everyone!

I want to add another great website I found: www.ClaimPLRarticles.com

This website consists of a huge PLR article Vault with more than 55.000 articles divided into more than 1350 niches or categories. I highly recommend it because here you can find the articles you need and only pay for them starting from $0.1 per article. No membership cost to pay, no onetime fee or useless article packs which only contain a few articles you can use... You even get a free automatic PLR article spinner!

Paul Vann.

Tema Frank
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:17 am
I just checked out Mike Long's site, and it does NOT appear to be sold out. Unless he doesn't tell you that it is until after you've filled in the credit card info.

[It's normal for new places to become available occasionally on PLR sites as some members drop out. Allan.]
Tiffany Dow
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:18 am
I launched after this article, but just wanted everyone to know I offer 5 for $5 PLR Article Packs at http://www.PLRMiniMart.com - and it has everything from Work at Home on the 'Net to Audiobooks and Baby Care.
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:19 am
Great article. Here is another site for your list http://mydiscountebooks.com
You can get tons of private label rights ebooks and software. It's also updated regularly with new products. The ebooks can even be broken down into many articles and reports for lots of good content.
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:19 am
I second everyone's thoughts about it being a great article. I run an article site also (www.nicheprivatelabelarticles.com) and this will be an interesting article to share with my subscribers.
Amanda Jones
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:20 am
Hi Allan,
I'm a licensed veterinary technician and recently lauched my own PLR website. http://www.petcareplr.com
W Jackson
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:21 am
Here is a fresh and new PLR site. No membership required. The site is small, but it will grow. All content written by an American freelance writer.
W. Jackson
Courtney Ramirez
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:22 am
I offer articles, reports and autoresponder packages targeted to the growing self improvement industry at http://www.plr-direct.com. This niche is really hot! In the coming months, I'll be adding natural health and parenting articles to the site as well.
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:22 am
I just was wondering if you are allowed to translate to other languages when obtaining private label rights.

[There isn't one set of rules for all businesses which sell private label rights. You'll need to read the rules each time. However, private label rights normally means you can rewrite the articles in any way you like. That would include rewriting them in any language. Great idea! Allan.]
LaToya Irby
Said this on April 4, 2007 At 02:33 am
I recently launched www.financeplrcontent.com, offering well-written, informative, quality content focused on finance-related keywords. Ten articles are available for $15.
Darryl Power
Said this on April 8, 2007 At 09:17 pm
Hi, I am in prelaunch of a new plr article website called www.nichearticlesmonthly.com. It will will start off accepting 100 members and will group to 500 max. The articles will grow concurrently with membership growth.
Sirius Lin
Said this on April 8, 2007 At 11:34 pm
I'd like to point out my own membership site: http://www.plrwarriors.com . Offering at least 800 PLR articles each and every month, with numbers slated to go up in the future :)
Ken Quandt
Said this on April 13, 2007 At 09:53 pm
looking for more PLR article membership sites? I have one called marticles2go.com and it is still open to new members.
Mark M. Bravura
Said this on May 5, 2007 At 11:34 pm
Great article! I'd like to invite you to peruse my PLR Construction Lab Squidoo lens:
Hasan Saleem
Said this on June 5, 2007 At 07:38 pm
Wouldn't these be considered as duplicated content?

[Quite likely, yes. I believe you should rewrite PLR articles or hire someone to rewrite them. Do some research, add some new facts or comments, add your own personality etc. There's work involved, but it's faster than starting totally from scratch. Allan]
Beth Williams
Said this on June 11, 2007 At 09:00 pm
Jamie Rankin and I have recently launched Pet PLR (www.petplr.com), a membership Web site that offers high quality content on all types of pets - ranging from dogs and cats to the exotic.
Said this on July 2, 2007 At 02:20 pm
Hi, My name is Paul, and I've just launced a new article spinning service at http://www.spunwrite.com. No spinning software is used -- all articles are hand-spun by pre-qualified writers, for less than 1.5 cents per word. Oh, and they're ready in just HOURS!
Thanks for checking us out!
Said this on July 22, 2007 At 04:24 am
Anyone knows any good, affordable PLR rewrite services? Thanks

[Our affiliate forum would be a good place to ask this question. Allan.]
Said this on July 26, 2007 At 09:24 am
I went ahead and tried many of these. Your mileage may vary.

First: Plan to either rewrite or pay for the articles to be rewritten. If everyone rewrites 50% or more of the articles there won't be huge penalties for duplicate content -- and perhaps by having them rewritten the readers will learn more. I aim for at least 60-70% .. and often end up with a 100% rewrite. Note: rewriting is MUCH cheaper (and easier!) than starting from scratch.

Second: If the original article is fluff -- yours will be too -- you might as well be writing from scratch.

Mike Long's articles and www.nicheprivatelabelarticles.com seem to have the same topics for the month. I didn't subscribe to the latter -- and wasn't happy with the quality of the former -- though the price is so low -- I suppose I shouldn't complain.

I've been extremely happy with the quality of articles on plrpro. Their articles are much more expensive than either of the 2 above sites -- but in general the quality has been much higher. They offer bunches of support.

niche-content-packages.com (the first package that Allan recommends) is perhaps the best if you want to pick & choose your content -- and only get a little bit at a time. If you are wanting articles for a site you already own and the subjects match -- they are great. Allan's discount is great (Thanks Allan!) I often use their articles to supplement the plrpro articles. Good luck!

[Thanks for the valuable feedback. Allan.]
Said this on August 19, 2007 At 08:27 pm
You suggested "secret article converter" as a tool to work with PLR articles. I'm interested. However, there is no info on their website about the program itself. I use a macintosh. I have written to the support people at "secret article converter" asking if this is a web based program or something that will run on a mac. But I have not heard from them. (Not very reassuring). Do you have any info on this program?

[Jeff has someone operating a help desk so you should have received a reply by now. The program is web-based so, yes, Mac users like you can use it. Allan.]
Said this on August 20, 2007 At 05:05 am
I've massive collection of top quality private label rights articles, ebooks and software at http://plrwholesaler.com/download
Said this on September 14, 2007 At 04:48 pm
Great article! I have written a short and basic way in re-writing PLR articles. With practice, I have explained how to write short articles in about 10 or less. Didn't think it was possible, but it has worked great for me.
Here is my post:
Said this on September 16, 2007 At 11:50 pm
you could take a look at the 10-point tutorial on my website :)
Said this on October 14, 2007 At 02:49 pm
I just found an other new site where I got fresh new PRL Content including Articles and also Press Releases, Google and Yahoo Ads and Optimized Adsense Websites.
The price is very low at the moment, so it's a bargain.
Here is the link:

There is also a hidden monthly membership site:
Smiley Webb
Said this on October 14, 2007 At 08:45 pm
Hello Allan, Just wanted to let you and your readers know I also have a free membership site. The free portion of the site offers 100 PLR articles and several motivational eBooks.
There is a OTO for a monthly paid membership as well as a yearly upgrade offer. The paid monthly option offers 2
PLR products fresh each and every month also 250 PLR articles each month. The yearly is the same but at a savings over the monthly.
Kind Regards,
Smiley Webb
Rhonda Rains
Said this on October 18, 2007 At 10:58 pm
I not only use PLR content on a daily basis to make my money, I just opened up my own exclusive PLR site with some great products over at http://tntplr.com .
Said this on November 18, 2007 At 12:58 am
Hi Allan the article was very informative when you find time just visit my blog http://www.privatelabelpremier.com/blog
Said this on November 21, 2007 At 05:16 am
As a whole, PLR articles don't really work for websites that want to stand out from the crowd. But that doesn't mean they're not valuable. That's why we've created a list of 101 Things To Do With PLR Articles designed to jump start your brain and get you out of that PLR box. Please share this article as it's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License (which is a fancy way of calling it an 'open-source' work). http://www.outsource2documaker.com/101-plr.htm
Top Dollar
Said this on November 24, 2007 At 12:38 pm
DailyArticle.com (http://www.dailyarticle.com) just launched with original articles for sale. A few free articles are available too and new articles are added daily. Prices are low and the content 100% original.
Smiley Webb
Said this on December 1, 2007 At 01:15 am
Hi Allan,
Thought I would drop by and give you a current update. A nice gentleman named Paul Berg partnered with me a few weeks ago and after he came on board there has been some major things happening. Our member site www.viralniches.com has gone to a totally free membership site there is tons of stuff there and
it's all free. check it out. We now have a second membership site Dirt Cheap PLR www.dirtcheap-plr.com
with hot PLR and at the lowest dirt cheap price on the Internet $5 per month. I felt you would want to know about the many changes.
Kind Regards,
Smiley Webb
Mike Jones
Said this on December 5, 2007 At 07:59 pm
Here are 2 great sources I have found for PLR articles and products
Daniel Tetreault
Said this on December 6, 2007 At 01:54 pm
Wow, Allan.
I really appreciated your comprehensive list of PLR resources. It was excellent. Particularly when focusing on the names of the individuals and presenting detailed lists and explanations for each.
Thanks, Allan.
Daniel Tetreault
IMG Ventures
Said this on December 6, 2007 At 04:07 pm
there's a site:
that has some great niche articles that can be downloaded by bundles in various niches. a good place to get content for your specific niche. they have one bundle for WAHM, my niche, so i'm excited about finding that.
Rakesh Sharma Jack
Said this on December 13, 2007 At 03:01 am
Indeed very good information about what is PLR and where to find these PLR articles. Though I admit there are many more but for the time being the list is great. If anyone needs some PLR articles then please feel free to contact me... I do have several PLR articles to be distributed to the general public. For more details, visit: www.egzone.info
Said this on January 4, 2008 At 01:45 pm
Hi Allan, very information post, I like to read your blog. have a Massive Private Label Rights Articles site to recommend with many free bonus.
Said this on January 5, 2008 At 03:43 am
I've started a new PLR site with several article packages already available. More article packages will be added often. The site is http://theplr.com
Said this on January 20, 2008 At 02:05 am
FREE PLR can be found at http://www.privatelabelheaven.com
Said this on April 13, 2008 At 10:45 pm
Allan, the tool you said can make articles unique (http://www.associateprograms.com/article-converter) is practically useless for me. I've been using microsoft words synonyms feature to make my articles almost unique and it's doing it better than that tool. Why are you endorsing it? Do you use it yourself?

[Thanks for the feedback. I tested it and it worked OK for me. I prefer to do rewrites the slow, old-fashioned way, by hand, but many people are looking for faster answers. Allan.]
Jim Valentine
Said this on April 21, 2008 At 09:12 pm
Thanks for the good article. I got fresh, good and tailormade PLR articles from www.writer4me.com. They have a team of writers and wrote my articles based on my input outline. Recommended service - I was pleased.

[Thanks for the tip! Allan.]
Said this on April 26, 2008 At 01:11 pm
Great article Allan with lots of useful tips. Here's another PLR site that you might want to add to the list ==> http://www.primeplrprofits.com
Paul Cline
Said this on May 10, 2008 At 06:36 pm
Great Tips Allan ... Thanks for putting this together and saving us all a LOT of time!
Prof. Paul J. Cline
Said this on May 17, 2008 At 04:56 pm
I jumped on this site http://www.fersell.com a week ago. Many PLR articles for free and also other plr products. I have downloaded over 2000 articles in one pack and they claim to give more packages. There were some nice articles within for paying nothing.
Said this on May 18, 2008 At 11:44 am
Hi Allan: Thought you might be interested in taking a look at my new site for PLR packs and unique articles: http://www.progressive-content.com
John Watson
Said this on July 7, 2008 At 04:09 pm
I have used http://www.OnlyPLRArticles.com and they provide excellent PLR articles with full rights. The articles are of high quality and are certain to fit your needs.
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 09:56 pm
Also consider http://www.humanspinner.com where you can have human writers rewrite PLR articles for you. You can create 500+ versions for as little as $3 from a 300 word article.
Said this on July 26, 2008 At 06:00 pm
A resourceful post you have. this is number one info on plr. i really find the information here very useful for my quest to discover where to get the best plr articles for my blog. Good work.
Sinela Gherman
Said this on August 28, 2008 At 02:37 pm
Thanks for the impressive article Allan! Your article is very informative with a lot of useful ideas and tips. Since I do believe in PLR articles and generally, in PLR info products as a source of content and inspiration for Internet Marketers, I find out that it is very worthy to share your article and blog with my friends and list.
My site about PLR is: http://www.tspcentral.com/private-label-rights-plr...
Said this on September 7, 2008 At 05:20 pm
Thanks for the article. How about PLR for cities? For example our site www.portlandurbanpages.com has general interest articles for Portland, Oregon and we would like to review articles that have been written for this particular cities vs. topics.

[If you want articles written about Portland, I think you'll need to hire someone to write them, at elance or somewhere similar. You could try Need-an-Article.com. Allan.
Said this on September 9, 2008 At 03:45 pm
I also wanted to say thanks for the article Allan, well done..:)

A place I found that might be of some use is: http://www.theplrstore.com

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