What people want

Associate Programs Newsletter #396

Are you selling things that people really want?

There's a site that shows you exactly what people want.


1.  What people want
    A site for powerful business idea brainstorming
2. Have you made YOUR Big Life List?
3. Passion, profits and purpose - how to get them
4. Thought for today: Growing

1.  What people want
    A site for powerful business idea brainstorming

You may have already come across http://www.43things.com/ . It encourages you to bare your soul - mainly anonymously - and share your goals and desires with the world.

MissLed wants to go skydiving and talk to at least 3 new people every day. Farrahann wants to write a short story and see all the Fred Astaire movies.

But the site is much more than a place to post your goals or vicariously enjoy other people's goals.

It's a powerful business idea generator.

It's a very useful place to explore if you're looking for a new business idea, a new product idea, or a topic for an ebook, website or blog.

Why is it so useful? Because it's a place where people open up and reveal exactly what they want. When you know what people want, you can sell it to them - or sell them information telling them how to get it.

You'll find wacky, unusual goals but you'll also see a lot of common ground.

For example, I spotted these popular goals...

Lose weight (32,488 people share this goal)
Gain weight (2,836 people)
Find my soulmate (2,873 people)
Fall in love (22,081)
Get a tattoo (17,885 people)
See the Northern Lights (15,065 people)
Be more confident (8,807 people)

Graduate from college (5,401 people)
Stop caring what other people think of me (3,717 people)
Write a book (22,319 people)
Start my own business (7,540 people)
Visit Japan (5,024 people)
Stop procrastinating (24,089 people)
Be happy (19,490 people)

Make my own clothes (2,002 people)
Kiss in the rain (13,713 people)
Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination (16,788 people)
Take more pictures (12,912 people)
Get a job (8,642 people)
Have better posture (6,813)
Go skydiving (5,537 people)

Learn Spanish (13,385 people)
Travel the world (16,100 people)
Save money (12,758 people)
Stop biting my nails (6,438 people)
Make new friends (11,127 people)
Make a difference (6,267 people)
Read more books (9,778 people)

Learn to play the guitar (11,214 people)
Identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (6,316 people)
Quit smoking (7,417 people)
Get out of debt (9,423 people)
Learn sign language (6,733 people)
Worry less (4,137 people)
Exercise regularly (9,272 people)

Learn French (8,950 people)
Hike the Appalachian trail (1,456 people)
Whiten my teeth (1,840 people)
Buy a house (10,949 people)
To live instead of exist (9,870 people)
Wake up earlier (1,702 people)

They're all good topics for ebooks.

If you click around on the site, you'll find a LOT of things people want. Clicking on a list or username leads to another goal, and another... You'll go off on tangents you never would have discovered simply by typing keywords into a keyword research tool.

The popularity of the various goals is no doubt skewed a bit because 43things.com makes it easy for you to check off existing goals instead of thinking of your own.

However, if you do some quick keyword research with the Google keyword tool - https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal - you'll see that there's huge demand for just about every popular goal you find on 43things.

You could write an ebook, hire someone to write an ebook, or start a blog on any of these topics - after doing keyword research, of course.


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2. Have you made YOUR Big Life List?

After last week's newsletter in which I wrote about Yanik Silver's ambitious "Big Life List" - he wants to fly to the Moon, leave $10 million+ to charities, and own a vineyard producing award-wining wines - a reader asked me if I'll be revealing my Big Life List.

Maybe not. Compared with Yanik's list, at the moment mine looks much too tame. I want to do simple things like climb the 11 floors to our apartment without puffing, and have a vacation in Fiji. I also have some business goals that aren't ready for public scrutiny just yet.

I've achieved most of the things on my old list. Yanik has given me the push I needed to add new interesting, challenging goals. I'm still working on that.

Here are a few experiences I can tick off as already achieved...

  Make a kite and fly it
  Walk on a glacier
  Design our own house
  Invent new recipes
  Write a recipe book
  Take a landscaping course
  Plan a garden
  Remodel an old cottage
  Go snorkeling
  Go paragliding
  Visit London, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris, Prague, Amsterstam, Zurich, San Francisco, Honolulu, etc.
  Cruise the Danube and Rhine

Goals on your "Big Life List" don't have to be expensive. Goals I noticed at 34things.com included:

Go skinny dipping (2,731 people)
Sleep more (1,455 people) 
Live simply (3,091 people)
Be a better person (3,246 people
Be a better friend (5,238 people)
Meet new people (3,811 people)
Take a photography class (1,373 people)
Volunteer (4,113 people)

Are you leading a rich life? It's something worth thinking about.

3. Passion, profits and purpose - how to get them

On the subject of getting more out of life, I hope you've signed up for a free trial of Yanik's new physical newsletter, Maverick Business Insider.

The first edition is a corker. Yanik interviews Mike Geary, who's on track to generate $3 million to $4 million from ONE ebook on ClickBank. Yep, just one.

The second edition will contain an interview with an affiliate who's doing $100,000 a month with PPC, by DIRECT linking to vendors. If someone told you it can't be done, don't believe them.

Yanik's newsletter breaks new ground. It's all about putting more passion, more profits and more purpose into your life. As the above lists show, we need much more than money to make us happy and live a fulfilled life.

Yanik is giving you fantastic freebies to encourage you to try the trial offer.

  * You get a special, $15k closed-door presentation on DVD entitled "Instant Leverage Points in Your Business That Bring You Surges of Cash". It's a presentation he did in January to 26 top-gun entrepreneurs and business leaders, who paid about $15k in membership fees and trip fees to come together in Baja, Mexico, for Maverick Business Adventures.

  * As well as the DVD, you get the MindMap that Yanik handed out, his new book, "34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs" (I love his new book), a 2 CD-audio program and more.
 The only thing you pay is shipping and handling for a package easily worth 30x this meager amount.

Yanik is moving beyond aiming for awesome profits. He's now deeply involved in a combination of thrilling adventures, business sessions and giving back through charity and education to empower future entrepreneurs.

You get a taste of all that in Maverick Business Insider.

Do try the trial edition and the freebies. You'll be simply blown away...


4. Thought for today: Growing

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. - Ronald E. Osborn.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

November 13, 2008

Comments (3)

Said this on November 15, 2008 At 01:05 am
Hi Allan,
I checked out 43 things but how did you get the total amount of people who were committed to certain goals? I don't see anywhere to get totals.

[It took a bit of hunting to compile that list. If you click on a username you will see a list of the things they want. Alongside each goal is the number of people who have the same goal. Then you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on what you think may be a popular goal and click on another name, etc. Allan.]
Said this on November 25, 2008 At 09:44 pm
Thanks Allan.

I think it's interesting how we can use 43things to see what people want. This is a goldmine for niche market research!
Said this on December 25, 2008 At 10:41 am

I sign up for 43things, but cant seem to get the statistic page where u got all the figures from.

Where exactly u get them. Mind sharing the page address



[Theres isn't one page containing all that information. I had to click around and explore to find the information on lots of different pages. For example, when you click on a member's username, you can see their list and how many people have the same goals. Here's one example:
If you click on links you see, you'll spot other usernames you can click on.

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