Web affiliate programs experiment 2

[Editor's Note: You don't have to be brilliant to earn good money with web affiliate programs. In this article, Rupert proves that his first affiliate success wasn't a fluke. See 2012 update at end of article.]

My second affiliate site has earned over $1,000 a month for the last two months.

This article shows you exactly how I did it, how long it took and why I think Site Build It! is an essential tool for anyone who wants to own a popular and profitable affiliate web site.

Now I return to affiliate marketing as the master...

Actually, I'm not the master but at the time I thought I was the greatest affiliate on the Internet. This isn't a bad attitude for an affiliate to have since I wasn't being paralyzed by all the things I didn't know. I was focusing on what I did know.

What I'd proved was that SBI works and I had succeeded even when I knew nothing about affiliate marketing.

If you haven't read about my first affiliate site you can read my original Site Build It! case study here. It covers the basics of using Site Build It! and getting started on an affiliate site. It also discusses what you need to do once you have a site up and running.

This case study has many more ideas for affiliates who already know the basics. I won't bore you (and me) with all the details covered in my first Site Built It! case study.

Better planning from the start

I've never been a hard-core planner. In fact the thought of planning something is usually enough to deter me from doing it. Luckily for me, building affiliate web sites is as easy as making breakfast. There really are only five main steps and Site Build It! makes each one easy to do.

1. Think of some topics you might like to do a site on. [Editor's Note: Or find a hungry market you wish to serve.]

2. Do some keyword profitability research with Site Build It!

3. Research affiliate programs that relate to your topics.

4. Write a web page on each keyword, optimizing it with Site Build It! tools.

5. Drop in your affiliate links

The keyword research just takes a few clicks to do with Site Build it! I already had a couple of ideas for affiliate web sites. One idea was desktop computers. After doing about three keyword researches with Site Build It! I found that there were some very profitable keywords in this topic.

You can find out more about how keyword research and web page building is done in my first Site Build It! case study. Site Build It! is very easy to use with endless online help.

Let's just continue on and I'll show you what a profitable keyword niche looks like.

Profitable keyword niches are where you find them

Site Build It! is the best tool on the Internet for finding a profitable topic for your affiliate web site. It finds related keywords and ranks them in order of supply and demand. Profitable keywords are search phrases that have a high demand and low supply.

Take a look at my keyword list. Sorry it's a little bit coffee stained and creased but as the main plan for my site it was carried around and referred to quite often.

SBI keywords

This keyword list is ranked in order on demand, with the most searched phrases appearing at the top of the list. I simply scanned down the list and built a page for each keyword that looked profitable.

You can see that I highlighted the profitable keywords in the list. These keywords were the basis for my site. Further keyword research in Site Build It! uncovered many more profitable keywords on the topic.

It is very important to do as much research as possible before you start building your site. I suggest you do extra keyword research with the Wordtracker free trial. You can sometimes find a few extra keywords by doing this and you can also double-check your most profitable keywords before you start.

For example "cheap computers" looks to be a very profitable key phrase. The demand figure is so high (above 25,000 is very good). I did further keyword searches using "cheap computers" and found other profitable keywords such as "cheap computer cases" and "cheap computer desks". The topic was looking very promising with a wide range of other profitable keywords related to "cheap computers".

Can you see the theme building in the keywords? You probably won't be surprised to find out the domain name I registered for my site was...


This allowed me to have my most profitable keyword in my domain name and help me optimize my index page for the keyword "cheap computers". I raced ahead writing articles on how to build your own cheap computers from cheap computer parts. I wanted my site ready for review by Yahoo! as soon as possible. The sooner I got into the Yahoo! directory the sooner I could put up my affiliate links.

This brings me to my next topic, choosing the right web affiliate programs.

NEXT: Where does the affiliate money come from?

April 5, 2003

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Comments (11)

Said this on February 24, 2007 At 03:09 am
I can't even find the name of your DJ tips site much less its URL. Would like to see the site for myself thanks. Oh btw great article.

[Thanks. Rupert did mention the domain name in the article. It's dj-tips-and-tricks.com . Allan.]
Said this on February 27, 2007 At 01:08 pm
Rupert mentioned getting a Domain but nothing was mentioned about Hosting, or am i missing something? Also when building new sites is a different Domain needed or do you have Sub Domains? Sorry if these are silly questions, but i am a newbie just reading up.
Regards Graham

[Web hosting is included in each Site Build It! package. When using the SBI system, a new domain name and a new subscription to SBI is needed for each new website. Allan.]
Steve Blackmore
Said this on March 2, 2007 At 09:42 am
Great article. I have started an SBI site, great to know that it works! Not yet built enough pages to submit to directories but nearly there. By reading the article I now have an insight into what can be done. Having read loads of ebooks and trawled the net I really can recommend SBI highly. Thanks.
Said this on June 17, 2008 At 04:11 am
Not able to see most of the images in this case study..."image not found".

[Thanks very much for the alert! You should be able to see the graphics now. Allan.]
Said this on August 21, 2008 At 07:26 pm
Hi - great article. I really learned a lot. I went to your computer-cheap site to learn more about SBI and to see how it can be applied. I have a few questions:

The topics on the left nav are quite long. Will SBI let you put them into categories so the list is shorter?

Can you sell space and/or can companies put their banner ads on your site when you use SBI?

Did SBI supply the Privacy Policy or did you write it?

The page view was much narrower than my monitor. Can I change it so it's not so narrow? Or, does SBI limit that ability?

If I want to leave SBI, can I take my site with me? If not, what can I do?

Thank you much!

[Hi Jamie, You can choose different ways to use SBI. One is to choose from a large number of templates. They're designed to keep everything as simple as possible. Ken Evoy refers to this as the "training wheels" system. The other choice is to use FrontPage or Dreamweaver or something similar to create your SBI site, putting you totally in control of how your site looks, iincluding the nav bar and width of the content. For your first site, I recommend you try the training wheels. Keep everything simple and concentrate on creating great content. Yes, you can sell ads. You can put banner ads on your SBI site. Many SBI owners join affiliate programs and incorporate affiliate links and banner ads on their sites, as well as AdSense ads. You own the website and you own the domain name so you can take them to another web host. I haven't tried moving an SBI site. I think it would be easier if you've created the pages in FrontPage or Dreamweaver. If you have any doubts, I recommend you ask an SBI Advisor:
James Ising
Said this on September 2, 2008 At 01:25 am
Thank-you for a very useful and encouraging review. I say useful as it is very practicle and builds confidence that anyone can reproduce your results. I say encouraging as it does not boast BIG promises that you really know inside are rubbish. Instead the goals look achievable and realistic.

So thanks! I have been considering whether to invest in this system and I now think my mind is made up.
Said this on April 10, 2009 At 06:38 pm
Hello Allan
I first followed posts of yours back in the early 2000's and am now back after a break. I've been considerng a range of online money making ideas.

It is really refreshing to see realistic, hype-free results and the step by step approach.

Might also pay to mention that reciprocal linking is not really the way SEO works these days any longer even though it appears to be a feature of SBI.

Thank you for these articles!

[I believe that reciprocal linking is still very valuable as long as it's just part of your marketing plan. EXCESSIVE concentration on reciprocal linking, like anything else that creates an unnatural pattern for the search engines to see, would not be a good idea. Don't forget that Ken Evoy of SiteSell is in a unique position on the Internet, able to see and analyze the stats of 100,000 or so Site Build It sites. Based on his research, he still recommends reciprocal linking as part of a marketing plan. I doubt if you can find more reliable research on the subject. Allan.]
Said this on February 16, 2010 At 11:58 am
Hey Allan
I am thinking about using SBI to start making some money online. Do they have good customer service support. I have seen that lack of support has always been very detrimental to my efforts. Can I expect adequate support from SBI ? Thanks
Said this on June 12, 2010 At 01:32 am
Whoops! I just noticed no one replied to this question. Sorry about that. Yes. SBI provides solid support. As well, there's a busy, popular private forum where you can ask questions and receive assistance from SBI coaches and from other SBI users.
Said this on April 7, 2012 At 07:54 pm

Hello Allan, I´m from Brazil and I see your site and i´m very impressionated about the power of SBI sites, but this results about 1000 dollars refers about 2 sites (DJ EQUIPAMENTE and CHEAP GUIDE)?

How many hours do you invest in this or theses site(s) for week?

Thanks for your attention.


Said this on April 8, 2012 At 06:24 pm

Hi Marcello, I don't spend any time on the Cheap Computers Guide and DJ Tips and Tricks sites. About 10 years ago, I hired a student, Rupert, gave him the SBI Action Guide, and he chose the website topics. He worked part-time doing the initial research and building the two sites. From memory, I think he worked on each site part-time for about three months. Since then, other part-time assistants have maintained the sites, gradually doing less and less, usually only a few hours a week.

For the past three years, the total MONTHLY time spent on the two sites has usually been only a few hours. Some months, nothing at all has been done because the assistant has been busy on other projects. Unfortunately, not enough time has been spend on the sites and revenue has been declining because of that. Affiliates often become bored with a particular site. It helps a lot if you choose a topic in which you are keenly interested. 

We've published two SBI case studies/experiments. (At the bottom of each case study you can find a link to the other SBI case study.) We've published separate statistics for each one, on the last page of each article.

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